Strange changes for events and notifications

Today for some strange reason, several cameras mysteriously switched from smart detections for events and notifications to all motion. This was not isolated as it involved a cam pan v1,v2&v3, cam v2&v3, cam v3 pro, doorbell v2, floodlight v2, outdoor cam v1. It appears that only the cam og&ogt and battery cam pros were unaffected. Highly suspect since I don’t all motion on any of my cams.

Strangely, I was not inundated with phone notifications, but events exploded with videos and almost minute by minute. SD recordings are off the chart. I’m trying to pinpoint when this all started. I don’t check daily, but based on survey of multiple sd card events, this has been going on for several days.

Anyone else experience anything like this or am I alone with this phenomenon? I’d like to hear from Wyze on this unusual occurrence.

In the meantime, I have to reset all my cameras.

These changes have been going on for a few days now. I have a couple of cameras switched from not recording to recording. I guess someone is changing the back end and changing customer settings in the process.

Thanks for feedback. Another mark against Wyze and quality control. Makes you wonder who’s minding the proverbial store.

I reported this and received feedback from @p2788deal. After reseting detection in all affected cams and less than 24 hours later, some, but not all of the cameras have been mysteriously again set to all motion events.


I am reseting detection again, but this time I’m logging out of the app for a couple hours to see if there is any positive effect.

Yeah my Cam V3 have been switching to “All Motion Events” started on May 21 at ~11PM (Eastern time) for me. It seems like it’s completely random when it will switch and they don’t switch all at once either. Sometimes it is switching as many as 3 times in one day.

Today is the first day it stopped switching on any of my V3 cameras. I wonder if it is related to the “Monitoring” tab which I disarmed and re-armed again at 2am.

Cam V3 FW: & beta
Android app version: v2.50.5 (449)
Plugin version:

Would be very simple if only 1 model of cam was affected. Almost every model I have was involved. Add to this mystery, person detection was turned off on my 2 doorbell v2’s in Alexa within the past 24 hrs untouched by me and with it on in the Wyze app. I’m starting to get really concerned about the stability of the Wyze "security " platform. I would hate to have to buy and build a new home security network.

I spoke too soon. One of my V3 camera just switched to “All Motion Event” again at 9:15PM (Eastern time). It’s like they are taking turns switching lol or a timer.

Exactly what’s been happening to my cams, switching to all motion events. All models. I think something may have gotten broken when we all Cam Plus subscribers were upgraded to Cam Unlimited. Not too far off by dates.

What? Are you saying that if I have two cameras with Cam Plus, Wyze made a change so now I have Cam Unlimited on all my cameras? And I now have Cam Plus/unlimited on all my 13 cameras? At no additional charge?

Well, that would be cool.

Cam+ and Cam+ Unlimited are 2 different price tiers. Cam+ is per camera, Cam+ Unlimited is for all cameras on the account. Depending on your camera count, it’s cheaper per camera to get Unlimited.

This thread is all about Cam+ Unlimited being transitioned/renamed, and how that transition is causing account settings being changed in error.

This is getting ridiculous. If it is supposed to be someone’s effort at a joke, it’s not funny. Today I checked based on event activity and 6 of my cameras have switched to all motion events from smart detections. It seems that any solution that may be working is to log out of the Wyze app and stay logged out. Not ideal for me.

@PCHearn and @p2788deal, unless I misunderstood the announcement and rollout, Cam Plus is now Cam Unlimited and the multi-cam view was added. Maybe the distinction is Cam Plus Unlimited rather than just Cam Plus. I have an annual subscription for Cam Plus Unlimited and all of my cameras on unlimited can be selected in multi-cam view with current 4 camera limit. Looks like I may have given Wyze credit for something that was not intended. Sorry if I may have misled you with my faulty interpretation.

If there was a correlation between the cameras selected for multi-cam view and switching to all motion events, I could buy into that potential, All of my cameras are listed in the monitoring tab for multi-cam view but not all are getting changed. I have monitor more closely the 4 selected for multi-cam view and if any of them changes.

Maybe we should all start sending Wyze invoices for our sd card purchases and needless usage it is imposing on those cards. Forget the overwrites, the longevity of the card is being compromised.

Hello, my new battery camera and 2 v2 cameras aren’t recording events for the 30 sec or less time frame.
Literally, vehicles and people have not been recorded has been an issue for a long while now. This is very frustrating and disappointing since 2020 buying the cameras.

@Ddutch - there is a different conversation thread that this should be addressed in if you search the forum.

Could you kindly link me to that area of the forum. Thanks.

Because there are multiple conversations for both the battery v2 and cam v2, the best I can advise is at the top of the forum or under the Camera section, perform a search and scroll thru the many listings. Sorry I can’t point you to a specific conversation. No issues with my wco v1’s or cam v2’s

There’s still Cam Plus I think and charge is per camera. The old Cam Plus Unlimited has been renamed Cam Unlimited, and that covers all your cameras for a single charge,

I have 6 Cams. All are reverting to All Motion after a few hours on Smart detection/recording. This has occurred multiple times. Not sure what’s up. @WyzeJasonJ any idea on this? Thx!!

May 26 and My V3 does not seem to care that I have selected Smart Detections or not. It will only record if I select to Record Motion Events and then select my Smart Detections. However - it will record any tree limb movement or shadows moving on the deck.

My theory about staying logged out of the app to maybe mitigate some of switching was just blown away. A cam pan v2 and pan v3 were indeed switched while I was logged out. Those cams are also not in the 4 I selected for multi-cam view. These actions are happening on Wyze side in it’s servers and randomly. I’m down to about 4 cams getting switched with the last changes.

Wyze, how about getting this on a top priority list and offering affected subscribers some account credits for misused and abused sd cards because of this fiasco.