Notifications Aplenty

I finally turned notifications off which kind of defeats their purpose. I played with the motion sensitivity and sound. I have motion at 60 and sound at 30. All cams are indoors.

I setup zones and guess I’ll be patient and see if they work later, rather than sooner. Lol

I setup 4 Cam OG looking out windows and screens, IR off, status Off, have them all set for short events rather than continuously recording.

Day videos and motion detection is good, too good with all the nuisance notifications. Will check tonight and see what I see.

Any suggestions for sensitivity and motion settings? Do the zones really work? Or are they just slow to take affect? Or just plain don’t work?

Two more coming tomorrow VIA Amazon, Cam Pan V3s, for the unfinished basement coverage. Overall though, having just started with Wyze I’m pleased so far, if I can get the constant notifications figured out or better controlled.

Are you using Cam Plus on your cameras?
Do you have smart detections set or all other motion under event recording.
Selection off what smart events you want to see set?
Notifications set for what you want to get.

Smart or all?

Choice of smart:

Notification you want:

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Yes I have Cam Plus. But not those settings exactly that I can find anyhow. Android.

Mine has a smart detection tab, different but similar and only people is on presently. FOV is not adjustable since their all 4 shooting out windows. Still get detections. I’ll keep lowering sensitivity gradually and see if that helps.

I do not have an OG cam , but I think the app setting are different than the V3 and V3 Pro which is what I have.

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The OG Cam does not have the capability to limit Cloud Event Upload saving to only Smart Detection Events like the other cams.

In order to get Smart Detection Events, all events have to be uploaded (like it was previously on the other cams).

Nuisance Motion Notifications, however, can be tamed in the Device Notifications settings for the OG and the Events Tab Filter settings:

  • Turn off notifications on the OG Cams for “Other Motion Events”
  • Filter out “Motion” events from the Events Tab in favor of only seeing the selected AI Smart Detection Events.

This will allow you to increase your Motion Detection Sensitivity setting without getting pestered by simple untagged motion events.

This setting, in the microSD Card section of the Advance Menu, only affects the SD Card. It has no affect whatsoever on the Cloud Upload Motion Events or any videos that are listed there.

Detection Zones work perfectly on my OG Cams. Note that objects that overlap in both the included and excluded Zone will be considered as included.

The PanV3 cams you ordered do have the ability to upload and save only Smart Detection AI events provided they are assigned to a subscription.

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Thank you, I’ll adjust those settings you described.

About where are your settings for motion sensitivity?
Do you also use sound detection? If so, same question on sensitivity?

I have both OG S and OG T set at Motion Sensitivity 80. However, Motion Sensitivity Settings are highly individualized for each cam specifically. The location, angle, application, lighting, motion pattern, etc. all affect how the cam is tuned. My settings are probably not going to be applicable because they see an entirely different FOV with different conditions.

I do not use sound detection. One reason is that when sound is detected, it uploads a 12s video. During that 12s, the cam is incapable of also uploading any motion detected events and therefore I won’t get any AI Tagged Smart Detection push notifications. I have also found that sound detection events are much like motion events. The end up getting really annoying for all the regular noises it hears every day.

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Thank you for your input, even though our applications differ, just changing what you told me before has helped already. I just have people and vehicles on in smart detection and Other motion off. Sound was annoying anyhow and that’s also off. Now I’ll slowly increase sensitivity on each.

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Happy with the new settings :+1: and after a few YouTube videos, understand the zones now.

Received 1 Cam Pan V3 today and not as happy with that vs Cam OG. Live view on OG is 2 seconds, while live view on Pan V3 is about 4 seconds, not terrible but significantly more than OG.

I guess it’s OG from here out, less money too.

In addition, I’m signed for Cam Plus and even though I unchecked the 90 day trial that came with the Pan V3, it still shows up in my app. So now I gotta login and cancel via web. Sneaky for sure. And I have a second one coming, so may as well wait and cancel both trials I guess. :roll_eyes:

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