Mute notification rule

I have two wyze cam V3 running the latest firmware. I have a rule setup for each camera individually to mute notifications from 9pm-6am because the car headlights set them off constantly. It still continues to send notifications during that time. What am I missing?

Welcome to the forums! Did you make the rule before 9p? The first time needs to happen so the action can take. If you only mute or turn off notifications, the events still happen because “motion detection” is still on. Are you using the mute notifications" universal action? Or the “turn off notifications” action? Can you post a screen shot of your rule?

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I deleted it last night and created two new individual rules for each camera so I will see what it does tonight and if that doesn’t work, then I will come back and let you know. Thanks

I’ve tried setting up the turn off and on notification rule and its not working.
its v3 camplus camera.

any idea if there is a bug in the software or am i missing something?

Can you provide a screenshot of that rule page?

The notifications haven’t switched off

Has 8:34 occured yet? Did you create the rule before 8:34? The start time needs to occur for the rule to take.

Yeah i created the rule a few days a go. i just manually switch off the notifications now.

i ues a similar rule for my lights which turns them off and on correctly every day

What does your rule history show for this rule? From the main app page, click on Account then Rule History. Can you provide a screenshot of that?

I wonder is something else triggering the notifications to turn back on?
History looks good

What is “7:32 everyday”?

7:32 is to turn the notifications back on

So 8:34am turn off notifications
7:33pm turn on notifications

Does that rule work?

Yeah that rule works

So the morning rule to turn off notifications of greenshill cam doesn’t work even though the rule history said it is successful, and the night rule to turn on notifications of a camera (I am guessing this one is greenshill also?) Works and rule history shows successful also. This is the issue compounded to one sentence?