Notification Rules does not seem to work

For most of the day, I have event notifications turned off. I recently defined a rule to “unmute notifications” for all devices with a start time of 10:30p and an end time of 6:30a. I expected to see notifications for events that occurred overnight. I’ve checked the camera and there are events. However, I never get any notifications. I’ve also checked the rules history and it shows that the rule has been executed.

Are my expectations incorrect? Have I set the rule up incorrectly?

Can you post a screenshot of the rule?

Per your request…

Do you have notifications enabled at the camera level?

No. I assumed that the rule would enable it and then disable it. The naming of the universal rules is misleading: “Unmute Notifications” / “Mute Notifications”. Poor user interface design.

Your question implies that I need to turn on notifications at the camera level AND add a second rule to turn off the notifications. Is that correct?

Yes, you need notifications enabled on the cameras as well, but you don’t need a rule for them. The rule you created will stop and start notifications for all devices. Each device (camera, motion sensor, door sensor) has a notification setting. The rule you created really is a mute function in that it just turns off the notification engine completely. Once you turn it back on (or un-mute) all the devices that have notifications enabled will start sending alerts.

Thanks for your help. I’ll give it a try.

I have/had the same issue even with notifications set up. I’ve deleted the rule for now due to a separate issue. I had a camera (and ONLY a camera) set to turn on at sunset however, the rule would also turn on my wyze bulb. Aint figured that one out yet so I had to submit a log.