Do Rules / Scheduling Work?

I have two Wyze Cam v2s and a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android V9.

The Bell Icon is “on” in the App.

Both cameras are set as follows:
Event Recording Schedule = “all day”
Detects Motion = “on”
Send Notifications = “on”
Person = “on”

I created a Rule as follows:
Enable “on”
Universal Action “Mute Notifications”
From: 6:00am to 9:00am.

I created another rule with the same settings for 4;15pm to 11:30pm.

The goal here is to: 1) record all events; 2) send push notifications when a person is detected; and 3) mute push notifications for the time periods specified. My reason is that my family is coming and going during 6:00am - 9:00am and 4:15pm - 11:30pm and I only really want push notifications of persons for all times except those specified as “muted”.

Am I doing something wrong?

I am getting push notifications during the “mute” periods…so far I have updated the app, deleted and re-installed the app, powered off all cameras and brought them back up, brought down my entire network and brought it back up and updated all software and firmware.

Why am I still getting notifications during the “mute” period?

From the above, I know the following: the cameras are detecting motion; the cameras are detecting people; the cameras are sending notifications when people are detected, but the rule for muting notifications is being completely ignored.


And a somewhat related question, can you have multiple rules to “mute” notifications at different times like i’m trying to do, or can you only have one?

I only see the following possible settings for to control when notifications are sent:

  1. turn them on all the time;

  2. modify when events are recorded (and thus limiting when notifications are sent to only the time period you have recording of events);

  3. turning the bell icon on or off;

  4. creating a rule muting notifications during a certain time period;

  5. creating rules to turn notifications on and off per camera (this seems like a stupid way to approach it…)

Am I missing something here?

I have the EXACT same issue.

My cameras are ignoring the MUTE notifications schedule.

Can’t figure it out.

Funny thing is, before the new “rules” Feature came out, it was working fine using the old wyze app settings. We were not getting notifications during work hours. Now we get notified every 5 min by 4 cameras, very annoying.

I solved the problem by making individual rules instead of universal rules. But I have a a lengthy support ticket and they think it is a software bug

Specifically I created a separate rule for each camera to turn off the notifications during the time periods I want. It is working for me using this strategy.

Ok. Let me try that.

Guess I’ll make 4 rules, one for each camera.

I’ll report back.


Ok, so making 4 individual rules worked for the notifications for my client’s account.

It is VERY annoying that I have to make 4 rules instead of one, especially if I have to change them in the future, but it is what it is for now.

However, doing the same exact thing on MY Wyze app where I have my client’s camera’s shared with me DOES NOT WORK. I created the same rules on my account for my client’s shared cams and the rules are just ignored.

1 - I hope Wyze fixes the UNIVERSAL rules soon

2 - I hope Wyze knows that the Individual Rules do not work for shared cameras

Will report back if anything changes.

BTW - I am running on iOS 12 with latest version of Wyze app

So for now I have separate rules to manually “force” the notifications on and off. It works. Just a pain to create that many.

One thing I also noticed is that the rule wont take effect until it cycles thru. So if you turn off notifications from 7am to 11am and you do this at 10am that day, you’ll get notifications that last hour…until it fully cycles the next day and turns them off…

I don’t understand your sharing issue. My wife and I monitor using the app and my rules work. Are we sharing like you? She uses my account… not a separate account…

I suspect the universal rules are garbage and dont work…since they stopped responding to my tickets and have no solution

In my experience, Rules and Device Triggers work. Scheduling does not. I was not able to use Scheduling to turn on notifications for my “Door Group” of sensors. I only need notifications at night (8 pm to 6 am) and when I had the rules enabled on the system, it turned off notifications for every device 24 hours a day. Plus you can’t make a single rule run from 8 pm to 6 am. You need two because the App has no actual linear concept of time.

I think bkbesq nailed it on the head. You probably have to let the rule cycle 24hrs through the schedule before it begins to work at the defined times. I have setup a universal rule on a pan cam and it did not start working until after it cycled 24hrs and now its working. I have also setup another cam for another person (different account) but defined the rule for the specific camera instead of universal. I did not realize there were two different ways to accomplish the same thing until just now. However when I setup the second camera I did not let it cycle 24hrs yet and I was still receiving the notifications. I guess I will let this ride a little longer now and see if it corrects itself. If not I will try universal like the other camera and give it 24hrs.