Notifications when notifications are on scheduled mute

I have notifications set up for specific schedules and triggers for specific times. However, I’m still receiving push notifications when the notifications are supposed to be muted. Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve tried adjusting the triggers and schedules and different notification settings (aside from turning them off, because that defeats the purpose of the camera).

Welcome to the forums! Have you let the trigger / start time occur? If it’s 9am now, and I make a rule to turn on a light from 8a to 10a, I have to wait until tomorrow at 8a for the rule to trigger.

The trigger and schedule was setup prior. When I noticed I was still getting notifications 2-3 hours after it should’ve muted, I went in and redid them all and made sure all notifications on our phones and in the Wyze app were set accordingly. Since I redid the schedules and triggers, maybe I just need to wait until tomorrow morning to see if it’s fixed. But I really think it’s an issue with the apps notifications because I was getting notifications when they should’ve been muted prior to deleting and redoing them.

If you are in app, go to Account then into Rule History, what do you see? Did the rules fire? Or show unsecssessful? Can you post a screen shot of your rule settings?

No log history

From the initial look, looks like you are waaaay over complicating the rule actions. Tryng to come up with a game plan, but do you leave your cameras off? Because the cameras, acordibgg to the action if BACK detects motion, it is to turn on FRONT, and FRONT is to turn on BACK when it detects motion. But neither can detection motion if they are off, there for no triggers in history. Because they can neither detect motion and trigger.

What do you want your rules to do? I’ll come up with a simple set of rules and actions for you.

Do you not want notifications between 4am to 930pm? Or do you not want events saved from 4am to 930pm? With your scheduled rule to mute notifications means you won’t get notifications, but the cameras if.on, would still save clips and detect motion.

Edit, the “daytime” rule should of ran if you created it before 4am and should show up in history.

If I am understanding your end goal with this correctly, your rules can be waaay simplified down to this:

First, Enable motion detection and motion notifications for your front and back door cameras settings manually. Enable app notifications (your “mute notifications” action is an account action, not device action). I added both front door and back door to the same camera group. Now create these rules:

Looks like from the “turn on camera” action that you want your cameras off, well since they don’t detect motion when off, they can’t be off during nf the detection time. So the scheduled rule has your cameras, which I added to a group for simple sake, turn off from 4a to 930p. Outside of those hours, the cameras are on and detecting motion (as evident by their settings). And when one detects motion, the trigger rule tells the other to record a small clip.

How’s this? Lemme know how I can tweak it for ya if needed.

They’re working now. I don’t want to turn the cameras off. So, out of your suggestions, I can just take the “turn camera on” off of the rules. Everything was working perfectly, including “mute notifications between 4:00 am and 9:30 pm”, until yesterday morning after 4:00 am when it started sending me and my husband notifications all day.