Muting Notifications?

Good day, I have recently moved one of my Cams to a area of high traffic, during “normal” business hours (9-5). I noticed a rule option to “Mute” notifications, and the ability to set a time frame for the muting to be active. Upon setting it up, it does not appear to have worked as I am still getting notifications during the selected mute time.

Any suggestions as something else to try?

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Could you post a screenshot of how you have defined the mute rule? That may help.

I deleted my “mute” notification rules. I wanted notifications to be turned on at night for all my active devices. However, they never worked. The notifications were turned off but never turned on again according to the schedule.

Now, I just manually handle them.


I setup rules to stop start notifications when I leave enter the house. Unfortunately it just changed he motion setting instead! So I used the wyze ifttt applets. Again, unfortunately, they behaved unpredictably.

I have friends that have reported similar issues.

I don’t think it would take much for wyze to test this and realise it doesn’t work. Why have they released functionality that doesn’t work?

Wyze. Can you test this and fix it?