Getting motion notifications even when scheduled motion detection off

Hello Wyze Cam users. I am having a problem: I am getting notification about motion detection on my Android even if I have a schedule/automation to turn off the motion detection. Looks like a bug to me. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

I am having the same issue on my iphone. In the Wyze app, I set up a rule to universally mute all notifications from 7a-9p. I still get notifications. I then changed it to a specific camera group to turn off notifications during the same period. I still get notifications. I don’t want to disable notifications all the time, I’d like to get them at night, but do not want to have to set and reset every day.

Welcome to the forums! When did you create the rule? Has the start time happened yet? If I create a rule to turn something on from 6 pm to 7pm, and it’s 6:27pm now, I have to wait until 6 pm tomorrow for the rule to run and its condition to be active.

Ah, so these are trigger times, that wasn’t clear to me. Thanks. I set the rule up yesterday, but I wasn’t getting any notifications overnight, and noticed that even though they were enabled in the app, my iPhone settings still had them disabled. I corrected that and did start getting notifications. I did change the rule in the a Wyze app today because of all the notifications. I will patiently wait until tomorrow to see if it works.

Yep! Keep an eye on the rule history in app to watch when the rules actually activate.