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I have a rule for a few cameras that only turns on certain interior cams at midnight and off at 6:30am. I do not need to see all the events and motion triggers during day time when home.
Issue is I have disabled this rule because I went on vacation and wanted to see ANY motion all day. I am NOT getting any notifications, but I can see I was getting motion on viewing each cam playback.
So issue is, with my rule “disabled” (All cams operational 24/7) is why am I not getting a “notification” of motion? A hassle to navigate to each camera just to look for any recordings.

Hey smhagen1, didja get it fixed? :slight_smile:

If not…

The following is a preliminary (to see if we can get on the ‘same page’, so to speak.)

What you see in Settings may depend somewhat on:

  1. Which cams and services you’re running (and on which app.)
    I have v2s and v3s and Cam Plus Lite set to detect Persons. I use the Android app.

  2. Your current settings.
    Eg, I can’t change some settings I may need to change unless Record motion events is toggled ON - other menu options only appear when this is so. :man_shrugging:

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I have Wyze V3 Cams. I have CamPlus. I use Android S23. Here is what I am finding. During the day with my Night Motion Rule, if I go to all 5 of my Cams, all the events are off. Because that is part of my rule. At Midnight, the rule goes on allowing all events, motion, recording, etc. to be turned on. If I do not have this rule then I get like 100’s of events in our Kitchen and other areas I just do not need to see or record.

When I am gone for more than a day or so, I “Disable” this rule so all cams are now recording all events 24/7. But I think my issue is, If I want to test this, I have to disable this rule AFTER midnite, because I tried to test disabling mid-morning to see if I do start to get daytime events, but it didnt work. I think I have to know “How” and “when” to disable this rule to make it stick. If I disable it duirng the day it doesnt take in effect until the next day after the Night time rule (12:03am to 6:30am) Which I do want to record events while we are asleep

First of all, to clean up this rules actions, I would remove the “turn on notifications” action.

Since you are controlling the motion detection, that in itself also controls the notifications. No events? Then no notifications.

You could create shortcuts to turn on and then short cuts to turn off motion detection to a set of cameras manually. So if you want to disable a rule before it’s actions fire, that’s fine then you can just hit the applicable shortcut to bulk change the cameras settings.

Are you not getting notifications because you are not getting any motion events in the event tab? Or are you getting cloud events but no notifications if then? I think it’s for first. Verify that motion detection is enabled.


Yeah, I do this, it’s handy. :+1:

Create a couple of home screen widgets and Bob’s your uncle! :slight_smile:


That is the question. If I have “event” to be on night then off during the day, I thought having “notifications” had to be turned on separate. There are 2 toggles in each camera in 2 settitng pages. So I assumed I HAD to have “notifications” on . If not then I figured if I would get an “event” recording but then not a noticifcation. This RULE I have in essance is to STOP notifications during daytime. I really want notifications when we are out of town otherwise I wouldnt see or notice any event recording (without always looking at events) If you are saying the having “Events” on it automatically triggers Notifications??

Manually toggle Notifications ON for each cam you’re controlling. This setting will not change.

Cam > Settings > Notifications > Device Notifications

Within Rules, make two Shortcuts:

One to manually turn detection ON.  One to turn detection OFF.

Home  >   :heavy_plus_sign:  (top left)  >  Add Rule  >   :heavy_plus_sign:  (top right)  >  Shortcut  >  Create Rule

Once saved, icons to invoke them will appear on the home page in a row just below the top:

You can use these two Shortcuts to manually simulate the effects of the Schedule rule you will create to automate the process.

Home  >   :heavy_plus_sign:  (top left)  >  Add Rule  >   :heavy_plus_sign:  (top right)  >  Schedule >  Create Rule

Add all cams, set time parameters and Save.

When home, enable the Schedule rule, and you will receive Events and Notifications from 11p-6a.

During the day, you can invoke the Detect ON Shortcut on the home page to receive Events and Notifications on demand. Detect OFF Shortcut to end.

When you leave home, manually invoke the Detect ON Shortcut, disable the Schedule rule, and you will receive Events and Notifications on those cams 24/7.

Hopefully @Omgitstony will check my work. :slight_smile:

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Too confirm, this schedule rule for “motion detection” above is a separate new rule and cannot be added to my exisiting rule? Or your saying to change what I have to another shortcut?
Just want to confirm this will not work by enabling/disabling my current rule.

I’m suggesting that, for the moment, you disable all other Rules you may have created to control these cams.

And create three new Rules, two Shortcuts and one Schedule, as above.

Operating as a demo, it’ll help you get familiar with the logic. If it does exactly what you need, you’re done. :slight_smile:

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As @peepeep mentioned, and i missed mentioning above, for the rule actions of “enable motion detection” and “disable motion detection” to also control notifications, you need to have the notifications enabled in the cameras settings. This way, notifications are enabled all the time, and then youll get notifications for whenever the motion detection is enabled. If you have notifications enabled, and motion detection disabled, you wont get notifications.

IF you ever want to have cloud motion events, but dont want notifications of those events for whatever reasons, youll need to do something different. The above applies to ONLY when you want notifications when you get motion events.

It should work, i am just saying to simplify your rule actions, do what was recommended above. Its kind of redundant in my eyes using both of those actions. Its like controlling your vehicles radio when you turn your vehicle on, the radio turns on. You dont turn your car on and then at the same time make a second motion to turn your radio on (unless you turned your radio off the last time your car was on). I leave my radio on and the volume set to my liking so that each time i turn on my car, it starts up and its where i want it. When i turn my car off when i get home, i dont also turn my radio off, i leave it where i want it so its ready the next time i go somewhere. I could turn my car radio off before i turn my car off, and then turn it on when i start my car up, but thats redundant. :slight_smile:

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When first learning rules, it can really look like the and feel like the Matrix…

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You get used to it, but now all i see are triggers, actions and schedules:laughing:

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I have a good basic understanding, you guys do loads of ‘don’t try this at home’ stuff routinely, makes my egress pucker… :grin:

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