How to detect montion at night and record all day to SD?

I have a group of Wyze v2 named “home1”, “home2”… then grouped as “home cams”. My goal is to record 24x7 to the SD card, then only report motion events between 9pm-5am at night. However, I have having trouble with setting the right rule…

What I have done so far:

  1. for every camera, in advanced settings → local storage, I have set “continous recording”
  2. notification → send notifications is set to “off” since I would be sleeping anyway, just want to see any motion event in the events section the next day
  3. in event recording, schedule = all day, and detects motion is “off” since I am setting this during the day, so I plan to use a rule instead
  4. under schedules and automation, I created a rule for “home cams” to turn on motion from 9pm-11:59pm and another from 12am to 5am… I was hoping to do a single rule from 9pm-5am, but the app error says “start time must be earlier then end time” so I assume it can’t cross midnight.

So the problem is, the rule doesn’t work! There is no event recorded at night when I walk around to test.

Can someone help?

Have you tried making one scheduled rule be “turn on X at 9pm” (no end time) and then another rule “turn off X at 5am” (no end time) for those cameras or group? I know it’s creating two rules, but it may be what you are looking for. Wyze techs are aware of the going past midnight issue and it will be addressed.


Well, the main problem is not how to cross midnight, the problem is the rules don’t effect the motion detection setting at all. So at 11pm for example, motion detection still doesn’t turn on.

I did try the 2 seperate rules to start and end, still not working.

Unclear why that isn’t working for you, but here is another way to do the same thing, and it doesn’t require any rules:

  • Set Event Recording > Schedule to 9 PM to 5 AM (that setting still crosses midnight)
  • Leave Detects Motion on.
  • Leave Notifications > Send Notifications off.

The camera will then log events to the Events tab from 9 PM to 5 AM, with no notifications ever going to you.

Your SD card settings are already fine.