Quiet them notifications

Has anyone had an issue of notifications turning itself back on after you paused it, “until I turn it back on”?

I will pause it because of extra notifications for nothing but hours later it’s back on again.

Very annoyed that it won’t stay paused “until I turn it back on”.

Sounds like a bug that is having it “snooze” instead of “turn off.”

When this happens again, can you try to pay attention to how much time has passed when it turns itself back on? Maybe we can replicate it. Also, just in case it matters, what camera model are you using, and which app version?

App version 2.50.0 (b415)

V2, V3, and Pan V3

More recently it seems to reset after 24 hours, so every morning I’m turning it off until I turn it back on.

But I’ll time it out tomorrow.

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Can you estimate how long has this been happening?

Is it the notification settings for EACH of those cameras? or is it the notification settings for your ACCOUNT that is affecting each of those cameras? I am guessing tis the ACCOUNT level notification setting. what rules do you have running?

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I use the icon bell at the top of the home page. Some devices have notification enabled, some don’t.

If I’m using from the home page than it should override the camera’s settings.

I just want to turn off notifications until I’m ready to hear them. Maybe I’m class or a meeting, and every time a car drives by (A LOT), the camera is triggered and I get the notification.

This is why I chose this setting so I can choose when the hear it or not.

It’s a great feature just doesn’t work right.

Running 4 rules: notification off at night (9pm to 6am), at a specific time turn of the study light, if it sees a pet on 1 camera to also record it on another and if Wyze 3 outside sees something to upload a video.

Maybe since Nov/Dec 2023 might be longer didn’t keep track, other my annoyance with it not listening to me.

Okay timing. At 10:15pm I enabled it and then disabled it, utilizing “until I turn it back on”.

When I woke up this morning at 8am, notifications were turned back on.

I’m thinking maybe around midnight it resets itself.

Check the code, maybe it has a line that causes it reset itself regardless of what the user wants.

Look at your Rules history (Account > Rules > History tab at bottom), then drop down any rules that ran last night by clicking the down arrow on the right. Then please post a screenshot here of what all happened last night please. Thanks in advance!

Also Mavens and Moderators are not Wyze employees, we are community volunteers that help out here in the forums. “Checking the code” would be done by the Devs and Engineers which would be notified after you contact Support and provide them with your experience and an app log for their investigation.

Well I think we found the culprit. See screenshot

Disabling this now. Putting on mute, let’s see if it comes back on tomorrow.