Anyone else with Push Notifications that keep turning themselves back on?

I am going mad with these push notifications. I turn the notifications off and they just turn themselves back on a short time later.

I never have my push notifications turned on but on Saturday I did turn on the notifications for one of my cameras. Ever since, ALL my devices are sending me push notifications. The pause doesn’t work. Turning them off individually doesn’t work. I don’t get it. I never had this issue before.

I’m using v2.17.7 on android.

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Do you have any rules set? What does it show in the rule history? Do you share the cameras with anyone? When you “turn them off”, do you do it in settings or click the bell in the main page?

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I made a rule but the rule must have been setup wrong. I have to go into each device individually and turn them off. However, the bell on the main page should still work.

Why does it now only work for a few seconds? I swear it use to always stay on for me.

I’m having the same trouble.

My notifications also kept turning back on. When I read this feed and someone mentioned rules (thank you) I remembered that I had created rules to turn notifications off at night. I’ve deleted the rule and will let you know if that was the issue.

its now the end of April 2023 - and rules do not solve this issue. Notifications turn themselves back on every. single. day. “turn off until I turn back on” literally just means “turn off until tomorrow morning” and the fact that its been an issue for years now means that it will never get fixed.

Does it always turn back on at a certain time? Please screenshot all your rules, and make sure all actions are included in the screenshot then post them here. Thanks in advance!

I have the same issue. I turn off notifications on a particular camera but they keep turning back on. No rules setup.

Any update on this? Now that I no longer have the 5 minute cooldown I’m getting way more notifications. If I go in the app and select “Pause Notifications Until I Turn Them Back On” notifications stay off for about 30 minutes and then turn themselves back on.

I have a similar issue. I turn off notifications “until I turn them back on”, but they turn back on automatically a while later. I want them off “until I turn them back on” and that’s not happening.

I have this problem. I thought I was losing my mind because I’d turned off the notifications (or so I thought) for one of my cameras and then it started to give me notifications. When I went back into the app to look at the settings, notifications were back on for that cam.

I have things set so that I get notifications from some cams and not others. Everything works as expected except for one cam that I want no notifications for and it keeps sending me them.

I’d have thought that I’d have the same behaviour for all of my cams, but clearly not since I have some cams set to not notify and they never do.

Might this be a function of the cam itself, that it’s doing something that causes the notifications to turn back on?

Reading others’ stories in this thread about rules, I’ve just set a rule to turn OFF notifications once a day on the problematic cam. I have no idea when or how often the notifications are getting turned back on in the app, but once I figure that out, if it’s consistent, perhaps a rule could fix the problem.

I’ll report back if this works for me.

Update: the rule I set seems to be working (so far). For the cam that kept turning on notifications, I set the rule to turn them off at a certain time of the day. I’ve been checking the setting several times a day for the last couple of days. The first time I checked, the notification setting was back on, So I made the “off” time a little later. Fingers crossed, since I did that. While I don’t know if the notifications get turned on, if they do, they are must be quickly turned off.

And yet another update.

I’m embarrassed to discover this was pilot error. I DID have a rule set up to turn notifications for one cam back on at a certain time, so despite turning them off manually, the rule was turning them back on every day.

I hadn’t noticed this for 2 reasons.

  1. I repurposed this cam. I had been using it elsewhere, where I turned off notifications sometimes, hence the rule to ensure notifications were being turned on each day. I’d forgotten that I’d repurposed this cam.

  2. the name of the rule had the name of the cam from its original purpose, so when I glanced at the rules, I didn’t see any that pertained to the problematic cam, so I looked no further. Of course one can give any name to a rule, so others with this problem may be being misled in the same way.

Anyway, since turning the rule off, I’m no longer experiencing this problem. I turn the notifications off and they stay off, as they should

Others may want to look at the details of their rules, vs relying just on the name.