Invisible rule turning on notications

I have a mysterious bug I’ve been fighting for literally years and am hoping someone has an idea I’ve not thought of before.

I have a lot of cameras, 40ish, at different locations (home, work, etc). They are grouped by location in the app. Long ago, when rules became a thing I set one up that did the following:
M-F, 7:00 am turn off notifications for all cameras, motion sensors, etc at my work location. At 5:30pm turn notifications for the whole group back on again.

This worked great. Eventually, however, I started working later and needed to move the turn on time back an hour to 6:30 pm.

No matter what, they all turn on at 5:30pm and I have to use my shortcut button to “mute all work notifications” then manually enable them with another shortcut when I do leave.

Things I have tried over the past 2-3 years:

  1. Making separate rules for turn on and turn off notifications rather than the single “time range” rule.
  2. Separating out types of devices. A rule for cameras, a rule for sensors.
  3. Switching from the Android app to the iOS app to do everything.
  4. Completely deleting all rules, then creating a ONLY a camera notifications off in the morning rule.

No matter what, notifications turn on around 5:30.

Other possibly relevant info:
-There is no record of notifications turning on in “rules history”
-The number of cameras in the group has changed over time but is roughly 10-13
-The cameras are a mix of V2 and V3
-The morning “off” routine has always worked fine, though I have not tested changing the time.

I’ve been dealing with this for so long hitting my “off” shortcut when my phone starts blowing up is second nature, but it is kind of annoying. Most of all my curious nature wants to understand what ghost in the machine is causing this problem.

When you set the original rules, did you set the actions to be performed on the group or on individual devices?

Have you tried deleting all the groups, deleting all the rules, clearing the cache, signing out, signing back in, and then regrouping the devices with new group names and rebuilding the rules?

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