Ghost Rules

Anyone have any idea why motion Notifications would keep turning back on after all were manually turned off and the rules that were in place to enable/disable them have been deleted?

Can you give us just a little more explanation.

So you said your notifications are turning back on.

Did you happen to look at your rules history to see if you have anything that you forgot about triggering them back on? Such as a schedule. I know I can speak for most of the mavens in that a lot of us have done so much testing of rules and troubleshooting that we have rules we forgot about or so many that we can’t keep track of that oftentimes we have to look at the rules history to see what exactly is going on. And sometimes that thing fills up so much that you have to clear it and then wait for it to happen to really track stuff down.

I have a rule for instance that does something for my thermostat and I forgot I had a second rule that does something similar, I thought that the second rule had been long gone but when I looked at the history that’s why my thermostat kept turning off in my garage. I was adjusting the the first rule and forgot completely about the old one that I thought was long gone.

I would recommend checking that rule history and seeing if anything’s triggering in there.


Thanks for the reply @Bam.

Understand about loosing track of rules. In this case I only had two rules in total and all they did was turn on notifications on three V2 cameras in overnight hours.

Both rules have been deleted, so no rules show under Account Rules and all notications turned OFF via the cam menu itself. Yet the notifications turn back on somwhow.

Checking Account > Rules > History, nothing there reconciles notifications being turned ON.

*(Also cleared cache via the app.)


You’ve been around these parts :wink:

Glad to help out where I can.

I guess I can’t recommend that now, very well played!

My only other thought for a possible solution would be to delete the device and re-add it that way any rules applying to it shouldn’t apply any further. I have done that in the past, I even changed the name just very very slightly. Also an option although seems a little overkill considering everything else you’ve already done. You’re ahead of the curve…

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Understood. It’s a pain to have to re-add cams, especially when they are remote.

Obviously there is some record in the cloud account somewhere that needs to be cleared.

I may see if support can help, unless anyone else has any ideas.


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Let me tag in some experts, i could’ve easily missed something or over thought it. One of them might see something i missed.

@Mavens might anyone have any ideas?

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Couple of additional things to try:

  1. if you have Android, clear the cache of the app by long pressing the app icon
  2. Select App Info
  3. Force Stop
  4. go to storage and Cache and clear cache here

in addition, log out of the app, but make sure you have your 2FA and password / credentials ready.

Restart the device and then logon and try again. Note: Your thumb nails will be gone until you live stream the cameras again.

If that does not work, please create a log and post here. In the past, others have reported this with the old Rules engine and a few with the new.

One other thing, do you use Alexa and / or Google Nest Devices? If so, is it possible you have a routine setup in those to reset motion notifications.


And that’s why I rang the bell for the team, I forgot all about Alexa and Google . I do not use those.

Good call @spamoni4


Thanks for the replies! I’ll look into these things.


Ok, so here’s the update.

Did all the steps suggested and also updated the firmware to latest on the cams in question. Issue still happening.

BTW, the history in the rules area of the app remains empty. So how in the world could notifications go ON for a cam all on it’s own? Makes me wonder where rules are stored to begin with - in the cloud account? If so, how does that get cleared?

Anyhow the next suggestion was to post logs here. Can someone advise which logs plz?

We had widespread ghost rule issues a year ago that got fixed in the cloud by @QiS. Maybe they can offer some help or insight if they are still associated with this Wyze functional area.

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Wyze Support has promised to look into it…

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Just closed off with Wyze Support ticket.
Submitted logs and screenshots etc. demonstrating the issue.
Basically they said I’m SOL unless they happen to figure something out and address it in a future update.

So, unless anyone else has any suggestions, guess I will have to turn off App notifications completely or figure something else out on my own. Disappointing. :weary:

Just found this thread and wondered if you ever found a solution. I’ve been struggling with this for years now. I’ve tried everything imaginable, even switched from Android to ios.

No matter what, my very long deleted notification schedule will not go away. I have a lot of cameras otherwise I’d delete all devices and start over.

Hey @jasonkuehn
Nope, never had a proper resolution!
Was having trouble with 2 remote cameras.
Finally was able to visit the site, deleted both of them from the app & reinitialized them.
Seems the ghost notifications went away for one. Surprisingly it didn’t for the other.

It’s quite apparent that the issue is within the cloud account. But Wyze support is not equipped to clear that part of the account, or can’t be bothered. It’s very poor on Wyze’s part to dismiss a customer issue in this way.

Anyway as I mentioned, we are on our own. The best bet is to reinitialized the problem cams. If you have a bunch you are getting ghost notifications for, you are in a bad way.

Here is an idea though that might help you;
If it is that you no longer want a scheduled notification period for the cams in question & there are no rules for it, create a rule that turns notifications on for just a couple minutes. The idea is it should override the ghost schedule & keep it away.

Good luck.