How to turn notifications on after time

I have made a rule to turn my notifications off, but I would also like them to automatically turn back on after a given amount of time. Is there a way to have notifications turn on after X time?

Nope, no logic like that yet. You’ll have to have a scheduled rule to re enable them at a certain time, or a shortcut rule to re enable them and it would have to be hit manually by you to re enable the notifs.


That may be an issue using existing rules, but maybe you could accomplish the same function using another device?

Let’s say you have an unused Plug you could use to store your thought…

So, set Plug A ‘on’ when you turn notifications off.

Then, if Plug A has been on for x minutes, turn Plug A off, and turn on camera 1’s notifications.

A little weird, but gets the job done?

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