Added Cam Plus - Rules No Longer Working

I would appreciate any assistance from the community on this rule not running issue.

I have several cam v1/v2, pan cam v1/v2, outdoor cam, bulbs, sensors, plugs, etc…

I have had a rule in place for several years: When motion is detected between 6 am and 11 pm on cam v2, turn on plug for one minute. It has worked great for quite a long time. (it turns on my kitty water fountain when a cat walks by it)

I upgraded from Cam Lite to Cam Plus a couple weeks ago. Since then, the rule does not run. (it also won’t save videos from my two outdoor cameras, but that’s another issue)

I have reset the cam v2, reset the plug, reset my router, quit the app, signed out/in on the app, deleted the rule, recreated the rule.

The camera is recording motion/sound events.
The plug turns on/off manually through the app.

I tried the rule to detect pet, then person, then ANYTHING… still doesn’t work.
I tried limited hours, all hours, Nope.
I tried using a preset rule that popped up using a DIFFERENT camera (cam pan 2). Rule doesn’t work.
I tried using a new rule with a different camera, cam v2. Rule doesn’t work.
I tried a rule to trigger the plug using a door sensor. Rule doesn’t work.
I tried a rule to trigger a DIFFERENT plug using either camera or sensor. Rule doesn’t work.

Cam v2: Firmware Act: 12/10/2018 Signal: 3 bars (black)
Plug: Firmware: Act: 04/09/2021 Signal: 3 bars (grey)
App: 2.40.0 (15)

Cam v2 Diagnostic Log Sent: 966897
Plug Diagnostic Log Sent: 966902

Any ideas from anyone? Honestly, getting Cam Plus has caused me more issues with my cameras and plugs than it’s worth.


When you look in Rule History, were the rules run at all? Or they ran but failed?

Are all cameras on Cam Plus? Have you tried a camera on Cam Plus Lite?

If you think CamPlus is the issue, remove the camera from CamPlus and see if the problem goes away.

I would definitely do what @WildBill recommended. Start with one camera or Plug first.

In addition to that, I would clear the App Cache by going to Account > App Setting then Clear Cache there.

The restart your phone or tablet and try again.

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just curious: how did you buy or upgrade the subscription? in the app? Apple? Google? Thanks.

There’s a rule history? Sorry, I didn’t know this or where to find it.

Forum folks,

Thanks for all the suggestions on things to try. It seems I can get the rule to run, but only if I have Event Recording on the triggering camera set to record events all day.

I use this camera to record events only at night, but just trigger the water fountain during the day.

The temp fix is to record events all day long. That’s a lot of storage of events I’ll never need - and a lot of scrolling through events to find the ones just at night.

Shouldn’t you be able to trigger a rule on motion sensing without having to record the event? (Ie, turn on a light when you enter a room, but you don’t need to record yourself entering the room.)


Guess you could do a schedule to turn camera on and off at times you don’t need it to record?

Unaware of a way to tell it to record or notify only certain hours.

Thanks WWDave. But if I turn the camera off, it won’t trigger motion sensing to turn on the plug.

I’m going to try turning off Cam Plus to this camera only and see if it will then trigger the plug without having to record the event.


Cam Plus purchased through site.

Rule History can be found in Account → Rules → History so long as you are running an up to date app.


Rules are server based. The rules you create and save are on the server. In order for the rule to fire from the server, the server MUST receive an uploaded Event from the cam. Therefore Event Recording must be enabled. No Event Upload Video = No Rule Trigger.

In order for the Rule to fire during the day to turn on the plug, Event Recording must be on.

Modify the Trigger Rule to only operate between 6am and 11pm: Trigger Rule, when Cam Detects motion, turn on plug for 1 min, Time M-F 6A to 11P

You are still going to get Motion Event upload videos during the day, but there is no way to trigger the rule to turn on the plug without them.