Rules not working at all

Rules not working …I have 7 V3 cameras and rules not working…I have all my cameras in a group.

Sorry about your issue, did this just start now, have your rules been working? Thanks

What is the App version and Firmware version of your affected Cameras?

Also, if you remove them from the group, does the rules work?

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Everything is up to date and whether my cameras are in a group or by themselves rules still don’t work now I’ve used the rules before with no issues last year and I tried it yesterday and today and nothing works

What rules are not working?

For instance when my front camera sees a person I want the other camera to record a clip to the cloud it used to work but it doesn’t anymore

Can you send a screenshot of the rule

Ok, if you look in events tab are the events being tagged as person on that cam?


I’ve tried motion, person nothing works

PizzaDave - Have you looked in your Rules History to make sure the rule didn’t run?
Account → Rules → History

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Strange, try resetting the devices, and if that doesn’t work contact support.

It’s all in my history but nothing shows up on notifications or event window I have the app running in the background I get notifications for everything else

When it used to work it would normally say person detected at front door and then whatever camera I had set to record would say automated in my history and I would get rich notifications for each camera that I had set to record now doesn’t do

I don’t have the same rules but I do have a motion sensor in my garage and when it detects motion it’ll turn on the lights in that room, wait until the motion event clears (1 minute) then wait an additional 2 minutes and if no new motion is detected then it’ll turn the lights off. This rule has worked for years. As early as a few days ago, the “On” portion of that rule wasn’t working (wasn’t working for at least a week) then it miraculously started working. Now, the “Off” portion of that rule doesn’t work (as of this morning).

It isn’t the only rule that isn’t working though. I also have two separate rules to turn off notifications for two separate cams (both old Cam pan v1’s) at different times and neither of those rules ran either.

Before anyone asks, yes the sensors, cameras and bulbs are all up to date.

So something is off with the rules still. Please fix Wyze. Thanks.

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Thank you some people think I’m crazy when I say the rules aren’t working but I’ve had these cameras for over a year now and I can say I’m an expert on how they work LOL I can say that person detection has worked better than ever in the last couple of weeks the V3 cameras are excellent I can pick up motion I would say a hundred yards away and that’s no exaggeration but please fix the rules.

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You are not crazy. I love the rules but when they dont work it really stinks. It looks like the rules started working again for me at some point during the day. I dont know how long that will last. Heres hoping they work again for you.