V3 rules not working

I have rules to start/stop motion detection 2x a day. Doesn’t seem to be working as there are recorded files all day long. I want to be able to view live all day, but only need rec’d for a few hours 2x a day.
O am I using the wrong rule?
Rules history showing success. Or is there no way of stopping record and leaving camera live?

You would need to post a screenshot of your schedule rule for anyone to determine that.

If you only want the Motion Activated Event Recording to happen between say 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, this is what it should look like:

You would then build another rule for the second time block.


thanks for that. I guess I had them set wrong and used you shot as a template. Time will tell.

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If you continue to have problems where history says successful but experience tells you it is not, please post.

still recording with any movement all day in spite of history showing “success”.

Just want to be sure we are speaking the same language when it comes to “Recording with any movement”.

After 10:01 am when the app “Turned Off Motion Detection” for the front porch cam in the rules history, is the cam:

A: Recording Event Videos that show in the Events List in the Events Tab; or

B: Recording Motion Event Videos to the SD Card which are played via the Playback bar in Live Stream?

B: Recording Motion Event Videos to the SD Card which are played via the Playback bar in Live Stream?

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Ah. Therein lies the problem.

The rules actions for Motion Detection ONLY apply to the cloud recorded Events in the Events tab.

The Motion Detection Settings and the Notification Settings are all for the Cloud Server and Cloud Recorded Video Events only.

If you have the SD card set to record in the Advanced Settings, it is recording 24\7 if the cam is on. There are NO rules that can turn on or off the SD recording setting. The SD Recording settings have to be manually set by you in order to be changed.

The cam is always recording to the SD if the setting is on. It records consecutive 1 minute files. If you have Continuous SD recording set, it saves every 1 minute file. If you have Events Only set, it only saves the files that contain motion in them.

Unfortunately, you can delete the rules. They will not have an affect on the SD Recordings, only the Cloud Events.

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Instead of turning motion detection off and then back on, why don’t you just turn the camera off and then back on. I believe that will accomplish exactly what you want.

OP still wants to Live Stream.

Please explain. I thought that’s what I had done.

There is no way to automate the below settings for your SD card “local storage”. The below needs to be changed by you manually.

Any actions set within rules as it applies to Recording only applies to Cloud Recorded Events that show in the Events tab.

There are no rules triggers or actions for the SD Card recording.

The only options you have to control or manipulate SD Card recordings are those presented in the Advanced Settings menu for the cam which must be manually changed. They cannot be changed by any automation rule or routine.

uh huh. thanks
that was not what it was sold as. Guess I should have asked my lawyer to read what wasn’t said.

Not sure where it would have indicated that in the promotional materials, but if you do have a link to where it indicates the SD recordings can be scheduled, we can have that submitted for correction.

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Rereading over the thread above It looks like your rules that you are creating are modifying the “cloud” recording settings, not SD card local storage. See below:

Cloud recording settings can be automated and are controlled by rule actions. Cloud recordings are viewed by visiting the event tab in the app. SD card local storage settings cannot be automated and those are visited by clicking on the playback link either in the cloud events or off of live view where you see the playback button. Cloud storage and local storage are two separate and independent functions of the cameras.

I believe you are thinking you are controlling your SD card recording with the rules and it’s actions, but you’re actually manipulating the cloud recording settings with those rules that you have created.

Like @SlabSlayer mentioned, please post the material you are referring to so it can either be clarified or modified if it is incorrect. Looking forward to further assisting on this!


as I indicated above, it’s what was not said and only indicated by selling this as a rec’g capable camera.
It is, in the cloud, but that is not made clear in what I read at the time of purchase.
Having an SD in a camera and not being able to control what is rec’d to it is like having a point and shoot and not being able to take and save shots to the camera SD. .
What was being advertised was a subscription, not a camera.