Local event recording not working

I installed a 32GB SD card, formatted it. And tested it with a couple manual recordings. They appear to go to the card and I can see space used. BUT…I can’t record either continuously nor events to the SD card (or in the cloud) AND… I appear to be restricted to the 5 minute timeout between motion event detections. Motion is detection is sending me a notification, but there is nothing created. I see no recordings either in the cloud nor on the card. ONLY manual recording is actually doing something. I have the latest firmware. I should mention I tried a couple of cards, but it does record manually.

Fairly important, what camera are you using? Is it a v3? What actual firmware version is on it? If you are getting notifications, you are getting cloud events. In your event tab, clear all filters to see all clips. What are your local storage settings? If you save anything with the manual record buying, it saves to your device, not the camera or the cloud.

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Thank you. Just one update, you are correct it is making cloud recordings. And I am still bound by the 12 sec duration, 5 minute timeout. It is a V3… FW…I am getting notifications although on 5 minute intervals. And if I tap the notification, it is cloud recording. Yep I cleared filters, now I see all the cloud recordings.
SO…my only problem is…even though I have the Record to MicroSD Card toggled on…it is not recognizing this switch, it is making no local event recordings, and it is limiting me to the cloud restrictions. It’s like It doesn’t know I have a SD card inserted, even thought the card works manually, meets specs and and was formatted fresh. ??

The recordings on the SD card and the recordings on the cloud are two separate things recordings on the SD card never go to the cloud , you must first go to live view on the camera and then go to the bottom and tap on play back to see the video on the SD card.
Like said , a manual recording does not go to the cloud or to your SD card it is saved on your device

Thank you. I understand. The only SD card recording I am able to make are those where I go to the live view and manually push the record button… My toggle switch in advanced settings which says ‘Record to SD Card’ has absolutely no effect. While the camera is notifying me of motion events and making 12s video clips in the cloud, it refuses to record automated readings to the SD card, almost like the switch has no affect at all. I am fairly certain it is not a physical SD card issue as it is 32GB and meets their specs, I tried 2 separate cards, I formatted it with the camera and I CAN make manual recordings on the card just fine. Automated recordings to the SD card are not working. The ‘Record to the SD Card’ switch toggles indication okay, it just has absolutely no effect, everything goes to the cloud only.

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Negative. When you push the record button, that clip is saved to your device, (phone, tablet, whatever has the Wyze app on it) not to the sd card in the camera. @HDRock said that local storage (sd card) and cloud storage (free 12 sev recording)5min cooldown) are seperate and independent functions of each other. I will add a third which is manual recording which is a separate and independent functions of those other two as well. Each of those three have their footage saved in a different location and are viewed through a different way. Local storage is saved to the SD card in the camera and viewable through the playback button on your live view screen. Cloud storage saves to the cloud and is viewed through your event tab. And the manual recording saves to your physical device and is viewable with your devices media player along with the album link in your Wyze App.

Where are you looking to verify this? can you provide screenshots of what you see?

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Sure. I only mentioned the fact that manual recording works to illustrate there is nothing wrong with the SD card. Manual recording is placing clips in the album. I realize that SD Card recordings and cloud recordings are discrete. thanks.
It’s fairly straightforward I think, I go to Advance Settings toggle “Record to SD Card” to ON. The switch turns green like it’s on. I move my hand in front of the camera and I get a notification there was motion. But the SD Card Album remains empty. Nothing from events is recording to the card. AND the resulting cloud recording is 12s (of course and I can only do this every 5 min).

I reflashed the June firmware. Now it takes cloud videos, 12s stored in the cloud visible of course, and the recording keeps recording beyond 12s and is viewable in the Playback timescale viewer . But I expected it to store them in the album. I have noticed an error pop up occasionally saying can’t save no MicroSD card. Of course there is a freshly formatted card and If I go to Album I can view the manually created clips so it sees a card when recording manually. . Just nothing there captured by events. Maybe I will see if support can come up with something?

Any event automaticly recorded by the camera, won’t be under the album link. Local storage (continuous or events only) is viewed at the “playback” link and cloud (your 12 second clips) are in the event tab. For a reminder:

The “album” shows you what is on your device. Manual recordings are in your device so they will be shown, it’ll also show timelapse s from which ever camera you are connected to at the time but I didn’t go into that cuz you didn’t mention that. No local storage events or continuous recordings can be viewed there.

Ah, I see. So you are saying while local event triggered recordings are captured to the SD Card, they are not visible as files or clips in the SD Card Album.
They are only accessible and visible from the Timescale viewer.

I thought they were stored as clips in Album just like manual recordings. So there must be a way to copy them, probably mounting the card in a computer?
Still doesn’t explain why I was seeing the SD Card missing message ? If you can not see event triggered cli0ps in Album, How do you manage them?

That is correct.

If your local storage is enabled, and whichever “event only” or “continuous” is selected, those files are saved automatically to the card in the camera, which is accessible by selecting the playback button in your cameras live view. You can also pull the card, place in a computer and view the files that way.


Yes, that is one way. If you see something on your footage that you want to save while you are viewing your playbacked video, one option is to use your manual recording button and record that snippet of playback which will record a duplicate video to your device which will be visible in the album, I used this function last night when I reviewed neighbor kids stealing entire bowls of candy from my neighbors. I watched the playback from my cameras and hit the manual recording and saved small snippets of my local storage to my phone to share with my neighbors. You can also take the SD card out of the camera and look through the file structure and pull the files out that way. Sometimes due to camera mounting it’s harder to get to but I like that option if there’s a larger time frame that you wish to save.

If it’s cloud storage clips, I just let the 14-day cloud retention setting delete the clip from the cloud after that 14 days are up. If you’re referring to my local storage saved footage on my individual cameras, I just let the footage be overwritten when it becomes the oldest footage on the card. My different cameras have different retention rates for local storage, and that’s based on my camera quality settings and my various SD card sizes.

That’s exactly what is happening as you described. Thank you for explaining this, it was not obvious to me. I pulled the SD card, inserted it in the computer and viola…there were all my event triggered video clip files. Thank you very much.

we used to watch 12s recorded motion video event which stored microSD card in wyze app, now we can see only photo pics which store in clouds. how do we watch 12s recorded motion video events which stored in microSD card?

The 12 second clips are NOT from the SD card. The SD card recordings are accessed via playback either in the events tab or from the camera live view.

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Hello, @sivapathiwadai, as mentioned above 12s video clips, are not stored on the sd card. but you can subscribe to cam plus lite for 12s video clips stored on the cloud.