Camera not recording to SD card

I have a Cam v2 and it is not recording when motion is detected. I have an SD card in the camera. I have Event Recording set to All Day and record when detects motion. I have a detection zone selected. Local recording to micro SD card is on. I believe I have the correct settings configured. Also I never had the option to use the 14-day free cloud storage. How can I get the camera to record to the SD card and how can I use the free cloud storage?

Hello @frank00 and welcome to the community

Under Event Recording, make sure Detects motion is on, This will make it so it records to the cloud
Under Notifications, make sure Send Notifications is on if you want to be notified, then toggle on what you want notified about
Under Detection Settings, make sure the sensitivity is adjusted good and a detection zone is either adjusted for where you want it to detect or off if you want the entire field
Under Advanced Settingsā€¦Local Storage, make sure you have events only or continuous highlighted, this controld recording to the SD card

To view the SD card, from the camera view, hit view playback
To view cloud events, from the main app screen, click Events at the bottom