V3 SD card recordings not following rule

I just purchased a v3 camera and installed a 32GB SD card. The camera has been updated to the latest firmware. I set a rule to notify and record motion events only during specific times. The rule seems to work for the event notifications and cloud recording but the SD card event recordings do not follow the schedule and record the motion events 24/7.

I believe the rules settings are for cloud recording only, to my knowledge they don’t impact the sd recordings. Though, I can’t say for sure as I use continuous recording rather than events only for the SD card.

Would changing the rule to turn the camera on and off instead of just the notifications and motion detecting work?

Under Advanced settings - the first section - continuous/events only - choose one

If you only want recordings to the SD card (or the cloud for that matter) during certain times then turning off the camera may be your only solution. The rules for motion detection only affect cloud recordings.

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I have the SD recording selector set for “Events Only” but it records them 24/7, not per the schedule rule I set up.

The schedule rule I set up does work for stopping the notifications and cloud recording. I will try setting the rule to turn off the camera and see if that works.
What doesn’t make sense to me is why it’s set up this way. Why would someone want to stop cloud recording and still keep the SD card recording? It’s common sense.

RonK1 take a screenshot the same as the one I posted or confirm that you are seeing the same as mine (Continuous in white and Events only in grey)

Some people only want local (SD Card) recordings and nothing to the cloud.

I only want to record events, so my screen is different than yours, My “Events Only” box is white and “Continuous” is grey.

That’s a good point. But the “Action” command I am using reads “Turn on (off) motion detection” so you would think it does what it says, but it only stops the cloud recording, not the SD card recording.

RonK1 exactly what I was looking for. TBH I was discretely testing your understanding of which was which :smile: I am out of my depth from here on in - Hopefully someone else may be able to help you


Cloud and SD card recording have always been separate with independent settings. However, there aren’t any rules that allow you to change the SD card settings.

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I am currently trying to work with a Wyze technician on this issue without much success. They keep pushing the paid cloud storage option.
Does anyone have any suggestions on 3rd party software that may work? My goal is to record motion events to the SD card when I am at work or away from the house. The location trigger rule in the Wyze app is perfect for this, but I could live with a time based trigger too. The live remote viewing is nice and remote viewing of the recorded events would be a must too.

You never mention which camera you own. Recommendations depend on which version: V2, V3, Pan V1, Pan V2, outdoor cam?

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“I just purchased a v3 camera”. :disguised_face:

The rules will only affect cloud recording. The SD card will record either events or continuously depending on the camera settings. Without CamPlus or CamPlus Lite or CamPlus Pro the events in the events tab will just be thumbnails. With Lite you get 12 second videos. With the other two, unlimited video. CamPlus and Pro are subscription services with a cost. You can subscribe to Lite without cost.

The thumbnails and videos in the events tab can be used to jump to the recording on the card using the playback button. Does this help or even make sense?

WildBill, was this aimed at me? If so, I am fully aware of this information already, but it may have been for RonK1

Sorry, yes, Ronk1. Also the question regarding which camera.

I have the v3 camera and still under the 2 week free CamPlus subscription. I did learn something from your description I did not know, clicking on the cloud event will take you to the same point in time on the SD card recording.

I called Wyze and was talking to a Customer Service rep today about this issue. Per our conversation, he was perplexed as to why the SD card recordings did not stop when the rule told it to stop. I gather from that, the rule should stop the SD card recording. They want me to power down the camera and delete it from the app and then re-install it again to see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, send them a Log file and they will look into it.