Rule to allow only local SD card recording

I am trying to set up a rule that will allow me to turn off all cloud event recording for certain cameras. I still want these cameras to record to the onboard SD card. I’ve tried setting up the cameras with rules that turn off both notifications and motion detection, but this does not stop the cameras from recording events to the cloud. I don’t get notified of the recordings, but they still exist. I know I can use a rule to turn off the cameras, but if I do that then the cameras won’t record anything locally. Has anyone figured out a way to do this with rules?

I have use the “Turn Off Motion Detection” and that also disables event recording, is it not working for you?


It definitely does not work for me. I have cam plus and it still records “smart video alerts.”

In the Event recording settings, toggle OFF Detects Motion, Detects Sound, and ALL Smart AI options. This will shut off all cloud recordings.

In Notifications, turn off all Notifications as they will be useless anyway. Notifications are pushed based on Cloud Event Recordings.

In Advanced Settings, select Continuous or Events Only in your SD settings.

But, this begs the question, why pay for CamPlus if you are shutting off all the cloud recordings?

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Thanks, but that won’t do the trick. I need to do this via a rule, not manually. I only want to turn off the cloud recording automatically some of the time (and only on certain cameras).

Would you post a screenshot of your rule? Turning off motion detection should stop all recording on the camera.


Setting a rule for specific cams individually or on a schedule isn’t the problem.

Because the Actions within rules are limited by Wyze, you can only do a limited number of things. If it isn’t in the action list, you can’t do it. The closest you can come is turning off motion detection or turning off the cam.


Hi Kal, I think SlabSlayer and KyGuy2002 are both correct here. You can go to Rules → Schedule → select the time that you want to turn off the motion detection. I tested on my V3 here. Even you have camplus AI events still on, once you turn off the motion detection, no events will be shown on app. Which means cloud recording won’t record anything during that time. Meanwhile you set sd card to continously record everything.


Well, I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t work when used as a rule, ever. Smart alerts still get recorded to the cloud. At least for my cameras. I guess I’ll open a support request if that’s not what is supposed to happen.


Defenitely. If you could please provide a screenshot here for the rule that you created. That also helps!