V3 Pro Cam Plus without cloud video upload?

I have 2 V3 pro cameras with the built in AI detection. I have limited upload bandwidth and would only like to record the event videos to the microsd card but still get the image notifications. If i sign up for cam plus can i still locally record videos to microsd but get notifications without cooldown period? I want to avoid uploading video to the cloud.


I don’t think this is possible, you can disable event recording completely, but then you won’t get notifications, and if it’s enabled, it will record full length

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That is unfortunate. This should really be an option. Many have limited upload bandwidth.

You can suggest this feature is added via the #wishlist. Create a post in that category so Wyze knows you want this ability.

The local MicroSD Recording is a completely independent function from the Event Recording that gets uploaded to the cloud. It is not subject to any cooldown or video length restriction and is not affected by your subscription level. As it doesn’t depend on the cloud to perform after initial cam startup. Unfortunately, because it doesn’t depend on the cloud, it also doesn’t get any AI features or notifications.

While it does have onboard Edge AI, It still depends on the cloud to post and tag those videos. All notifications are also initiated from the cloud servers.

If you turn off your Event Recording, you will stop the cloud uploads and notifications, but CamPlus will be useless at that point since you won’t be uploading anything.

CamPlus will be useless at that point since you won’t be uploading anything.

I hear what you are saying but CamPlus also removes the cool down period for notifications. Some people do not have enough bandwidth to be uploading videos all day. I would like to remove the cool down period but retain image notifications.

If you turn off Event Recording to prevent uploads, having CamPlus to remove a cooldown for notifications is a moot point.

Without the upload, there are NO notifications. The server MUST get the upload to notify. Either you are uploading and getting Notifications (either every 5 minutes without CamPlus or back to back with it), or you are not uploading and not getting notifications.

If you turn off Event Recording to stop the uploads, there is no need to have any subscription. The subscriptions are ONLY for the uploaded Event Recording Videos.

Currently without cam plus, the only option is to have event recording of snapshot photos. Is it possible to keep it on this setting with cam plus to get rid of the cooldown but NOT upload video?

If you turn off Event Recording → Record Motion Events… It shuts off ALL uploads.


No uploads = No snapshots, no notifications, no CamPlus, No Video, No Events, no cloud services whatsoever.

The cooldown, snapshot, and notification without CamPlus is applied to the video uploads. If you turn off the Event Recording there are no video uploads to regulate. By then adding CamPlus you would be paying for CamPlus and still get no uploads and no notifications. The cooldown is a moot point if you are turning off the feature that produces the notification.

Only Cloud Upload videos send notifications… from the server, AFTER they have been uploaded to the cloud. Sever that link by turning off uploads and you get no event videos and no notifications.

All you have left at that point is Live Stream and microSD Card Recordings. The microSD will NOT send any notifications. It is just a video recorder.

How does it create snapshots right now without cam plus? Is it still uploading video to the cloud or is it simply just uploading a photo from the detected event the camera triggered?

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That is a great question! And, one that I have not considered previously.

I am not 100% positive if the cam uploads a snapshot to the server or if the cam uploads a video and the server then renders it to a snapshot only after verifying your lack of subscription.

But, I know some really smart :nerd_face: users on the subject and will ask them and post back an answer. Please stand by… [insert on hold elevator music :notes: here].

I have asked the experts and received confirmation. @carverofchoice has helped me out by confirming:

Without a subscription, and with Event Recording → Record Motion Events enabled, the cam is only sending the first frame of the motion to the server as a snapshot photo. It is not sending a video file.

The cam manages the motion event timeout\cooldown locally. It will not send another motion event snapshot frame to the server until the 5 minute timeout\cooldown has expired.

If you opt to subscribe to CamPlus, the full length videos will be uploaded on each motion event and there is no cooldown.

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Just a thought on this…I’m not completely certain that it is always the first frame in which the detection occurred that is uploaded, though it might be. I believe that there have been examples of notification thumbnails which show something other than the very first frame of an event (though maybe that is only if someone has video uploads?), so I am not totally certain which particular thumbnail/image is chosen to be uploaded. It would make sense to be the first one, but I could definitely see a good case be made to use a few frames later to make sure the object is fully on screen, rather than just a small percentage of the object that triggered motion detection if it came from out of frame when the trigger started.

For example, a person walking close to the camera might have a finger or arm trigger motion in the first frame, and then the person’s whole body enter a few frames later in less than a second. It wouldn’t make sense to send a thumbnail that doesn’t show the entire object that was detected triggering motion, so maybe they use a picture a few frames in to make sure they show the whole object/person if that makes sense (I am just hypothesizing here).

But regardless of that thought-experiment, your overall point is absolutely solid. There will still be just a single frame uploaded no more often than once every 5 minutes, and the SD card can be consulted for playback review when needed. :+1: This will ensure a person with limited upload bandwidth can still get the full benefit of the camera without killing off their bandwidth completely.

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