Sd card & cam plus

Hi all, very new here and still figuring out how this works. Have an cam V2 that I have put in my handicapped husbands bedroom. He falls a lot and then denies it, among other issues. My questions are: I have installed an microsd card in the cam, also I have a free trial of cam plus currently going on. It seems that my cam is recording past the 12 second mark on motion detection which is exactly what I wanted, but is it recording to the sd card or the cloud? And is having both overkill? Also, I set an event to record from 11pm to 10am, is this needed if the motion detection seems to be working? Does setting the event mean it will record continuously? Really only need it to record if he gets out of bed. Thanks for any and all input, I need it! And really wish it came with clearer instructions about different features, its like they assume you know all the terminology and what it means.

The Event recordings you see beyond 12 seconds are Cam Plus cloud recordings. The SD card recordings can be seen by clicking View Playback while watching the camera live view.
Your 11PM to 10AM schedule will only record Events triggered by motion and/or sound, whatever you have selected in the Event Recording section.