New V2 Cam continuing issues - now not recording to cloud

4 V2 cams that work fine. New 5th V2 cam that won’t notify or save to cloud. It records everything on sd card. It detects motion with the green detection box. But it is not being saved in my alerts. I have another V2 cam at a different angle that is alerting fine. This has been an issue since setup yesterday. Any ideas?

What are your event recording and detection settings for the problem camera? Able to post screen shots of those? The green boxes are motion tagging, so it’s detecting pixel changes, just need to know what the camera is supposed to be doing per it’s settings, not just what it is doing. Thanks in advance!


Thank you so much for responding. So I did screen shots and while looking at one of them “the events” I noticed the motion wasn’t turned on. I always thought events was setting up specific times, etc… I actually did this long ago with my other camera now that I think about it. My brain doesn’t do as well as it used to, lol. So I did just test it and bingo, it notified me! Something so simple. Sorry to bother you. But really appreciate the help. :blush:


No prob! Glad to help. Thanks for posting an update to this!