Motion based Rule activates inconsistently with Wyze Cam2 and Wyze Plug

I am trying to set a Rule to turn on my kitchen lights (plugged into Wyze Plugs) when motion is detected on my camera. I have some previously unused cameras that I am trying to make useful. I can see on the camera (Wyze cam 2… and i’ve even tried an outdoor cam) that motion tracking is working and the camera is sensing motion. However, the rule is only running and lights coming on about 1 out of every 20 times i walk in front of the camera. Anyone else seeing a lack of consistency with activation of motion-based rules? Am I doing something wrong? Expecting too much? firmware all up to date. sensitivity set to 100%. person tracking on / off, no difference. detection zones on and off. im at a loss.

Remember that without Cam Plus or above, all motion events are subject to a 5-minute ‘cooldown’.


Thank you. I was not sure what cooldown period would apply. The camera I am using does have Cam Plus and it does not seem to change the frequency of times this rule works.

You are using a V2 camera with cam plus and a V1 or V2 Wyze Plug?

Post a screen shot of your Rule and camera settings. (Just for consistency)
Happy to test and see what my results are.


Also, keep this in mind…say Bob triggers the camera motion, lights come on…Bob then turns on a fan in the room or a cat comes in the room (you could have something else that makes it’s own motion, maybe even a shadow from a tree outside coming in the window or any number of things)…Bob leaves the room and turns off the light, but the fan stays on and the cat is still in there. A couple of minutes later, Bob realizes he left his keys in the room so walks back in the room expecting the light will turn on again…but it doesn’t turn on this time. The problem is that there isn’t a NEW camera event…the camera was still using the same continuous recording since Bob left because the Fan and cat (or tree branch shadows) kept it going.

That is another thing that can happen to people with Cam Plus camera motion triggers.

If it’s just not sensing motion or events easily enough to initiate an event, you can turn up the sensitivity.

If the camera is creating an event in the event tab, but the rule not initializing, check the rules history and see the Wyze server got the command. Go to the account tab → Rules → History
See if your rule was triggered

If it shows the rule was triggered, but your light didn’t turn on, then the problem is not with the camera or the rule engine, the problem appears to be with the plug connectivity as it is not executing the rule. Try unplugging the plug and plugging it back in.

What plug do you have? White Indoor? Is it the original plug or the 2021 plug? Do you have the latest firmware on it? When it doesn’t turn on, can you manually turn it on in the app, or is it offline?

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I know you are trying to make old cameras useful, but I thought I’d mention that it’s best to use a motion sensor for motion sensing. Cooldown is about a minute, but you can simply trigger off the motion start and motion clear and never worry about cooldown. Also, you can say when no motion for x minutes too. :slight_smile: