V2 Camera and Bulb Rule

I have a Rule set up to turn a Wyze light on when the V2 camera detects motion.

It only works ½ the time. The V2 camera always detects and records the motion but the light doesn’t come on (most of the time).

Both camera and bulb is up to date.

Camera has (3) bars on the WiFi

Bulb has (3) bars on the WiFi

I can turn the bulb on and off using the Wyze app on my Android phone – that works 100% of the time. Just not very reliable using a rule. I have deleted and redone the rule – no luck

Any ideas?



Do you have CamPlus service? This might be a limitation of the 5 minute “cooldown” blocking period in action. When you say it always successfully detects and records the motion, is that to the “cloud” Events listing, or only to local SD card?

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I have Person Detection (Legacy).
The 5 minute cooldown does not apply as this was the first trigger from the came for several hours. The event notification is from the 12-second notification (cloud). It also records to the SD Card. When I take the dog out, I walk right in front of the camera (Most of the time the lights will not come on) After about 15 minutes I walk back in front of the camera. Sometimes the light comes on but most of the time it does not.


Hi @crob , looks like we’re in the same boat: