Device triggers not working from V2 cams

I have tried to set up multiple device triggers from my V2 cams and nothing is working. The main thing is trying to turn on my Wyze bulbs when motion is detected on the cam. I attached a picture of the trigger being set up. The cam detects motion but never triggers the lights to come on.

I tried this with another Wyze cam and bulb in another part of the house and am getting the same result. I also tried to set a trigger on a 3rd cam to unlock my Wyze lock when motion is detected and that didn’t work either.

My Wyze lock trigger to unlock when I arrive home works fine. My triggers to turn my Wyze bulbs on/off at a set time work great as well. But no trigger set from a cam detecting motion works. I have tried 3 different cams as well as 3 different Wyze products and none of the triggers work from a cam detecting motion.

Wyze support has not been any help. Their first suggestion is to delete all products from the app and reinstall. This is a long process I am trying to avoid since I have many groups and other triggers set up already and would hate to have to redo everything.

Please help with other suggestions. Thanks!

All devices and the app are up to date as well.

Welcome back! What are the motion detection settings for the cameras? Cam plus on any of em? Do you get event clips from those cameras in the event tab? When you should have had the trigger act, what does your rules history show occurred?

I’m not getting any notifications from 5he camera but when I watch the cam it shows the green boxes around motion.

I do not have cam plus

My other cameras do show up in events though for motion detection

What about event recording settings? Does anything show up in rules history when this should have triggered or ran?

How do I view “rules history”? I don’t see that option

If you click on “account” from the home page, then find “rules history” about halfway ish down on the menu.

Thanks! No history of the cam detecting motion or a trigger in the history.

The green boxes are “motion tagging”. Can you provide a screenshot of the “event recording” setting from any of the problem cameras?

Holy :poop:! That’s what it was. Event recording wasn’t switched on. I switched it on, tested and now it works.
Thank you sooo much! You have done simple trouble shooting to help me solve an issue. Customer service over the phone was a complete waste of time and even through email a “top agent” still only tells me to factory reset my whole system and download some app to test my network. :person_facepalming:

I truly thank you for the time you spent in helping me solve this issue.

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Last question. Now that the trigger works, is there anyway to not receive a notification each time it detects motion on that cam? I am just trying to use the cam as a motion sensor since my V1 motion sensor died after customer service told me to factory reset it.
It would be nice to not get a notification each time someone walks by the camera.

Thanks again for all the help

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Yep, pretty easy. Now go into the camera settings (the gear), then “notifications”, then deselect everything on that menu. Leave the event recording “motion detect” enabled so that events can be sent to the cloud. Cloud events are what trigger events and notifications :slight_smile:

I wish I could tell you why support wasn’t successful in their assistance, because I don’t know and I wish they would of been able to, but I’m glad I was able to help you out! :slight_smile:


Did you get a support ticket number for this call? Can you post it here? Id like to send that on and get some eyes on it for potential quality check or a training point. Thanks in advance!

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Here is a link to the Facebook thread on this issue as well.


Now that this is figured out, I am now having an issue where the camera is sensing the lights turning off as movement which triggers the lights to come back on so it’s stuck in an endless cycle. I have the defection sensitivity turned all the way down to 28 and it’s still doing it.