Siren > Device Trigger Rule > needs Notification Sent, Recording marked and should Ring or Siren on your phone

I have Device Trigger Rule set up on my V3 cameras outside my house to fire when PERSON is detected from 9 PM to 6 AM to deter prowlers. This works fine and makes the Siren sound for the duration of the Event. Unfortunately, I cannot hear the Sirens outside when I’m sleeping in my bedroom.

Wishlist item #1: Have the siren also fire off on my phone the same way it does when you “manually” trigger the Siren. Alternatively, use the CHIME tool and add various Siren sounds the same way it does on the Doorbell ring tones. It could have it’s own volume and it’s own Siren sounds independent of the doorbell volume and ring tones. However, using the CHIME tool wouldn’t be practical if someone was traveling away from home, so perhaps have the ability to choose the audio preference of phone or Chime or both.

Wishlist item #2: Send an email notification that the Siren Rule had been triggered with the date/time stamp of the event. Multiple notifications it if was triggered multiple times. It would be extremely helpful to include a link back to the actual video that was triggered and recorded. Alternatively, just like for the Doorbell, it could place a call to your phone. Most phones can be set to a specific Ringtone depending on the Caller ID, the user could find and set a Siren-like Ringtone for that incoming call. Currently, there is no way to know if or when the Siren Rule has been triggered.

Wishlist itme #3: In the Event List of recordings, add a SIREN identification (same as Person or Pet) that can be searchable in order to quickly find any recordings that were made and triggered with a Siren Rule. Currently, there is no way to know if or when the Siren Rule has been triggered.

I’m totally open to alternative suggestions for these 3 items. Currently, there is no way for a sleeping person to know that the Siren has been sounded unless they can actually hear the Siren outside. Also, there is no indication that it even fired or when it fired


These are great ideas, although please move your post the the #wishlist so other users can vote and for better visibility.

In the meantime, if you enable person notifications, you will at least get a normal notification when the siren should go off.

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Sorry IEatBeans, I thought I was in the Wishlist section when I made this post. What are the steps to MOVE this post to the #wishlist area?

Unfortunately, I get lots of Person notifications each day, so that wouldn’t help me much to find those specific to the Siren triggered recordings. Perhaps if we could search by time ranges it would narrow down the quantity, but that’s another wishlist post. LOL

I believe you can hit edit and find the current category name near the top. Set it to wishlist.

It won’t let me. Plz move it for me if you are able to:

As an alternative, you could have 1 cam inside. Not to record anything, face it against the wall if you want, but just to siren when the rule triggers.

Since the siren won’t push a notification, but the Person Detection will, I use a program called MacroDroid to monitor all of my Wyze Notifications coming into my phone. When I get a person notification, my phone makes a special sound I have designated. I can also set times (constraints) to do this. So, during those times, when your phone gets a Person Notification from Wyze, MacroDroid can 1) Take the phone off of DND, 2) Max out the volume, and 3) play the siren from The Purge until you either clear the notification or repeat as ma!y times as you want.

MacroDroid can do that too as well as an SMS message.

All rules being triggered are logged so you can see when they fired.
Account Tab → Rules → History

Another alternative is to get a Wyze Smart Plug and a plugin siren from the interwebs. Using the same rule you use to activate the sirens, activate the plug. The siren plugged into the smart plug will then wake you.


Probably for the better you can’t change it. There is actually a lot in your original post to unpack into a single wishlist item. Might be best if it were more like 2 or 3 different wishlist items.

Make sure you do a full search of the #wishlist and the #roadmap for the features you are looking for.

If you find something there that fits, vote for it and add your post with feature descriptions.

If not, start a new topic and make sure the category is Wishlist. It will be submitted to the Moderators to cross reference with existing posts in the wishlist and will be approved once that is done.


As stated, requests in the #wishlist are of singular focus to keep things tidy, on topic, and easy for Wyze Team members to sift through the submissions. It also helps the voting feature so that you are voting on one thing at a time per thread. For more:

I’ll touch on a few of the items above:

#1. Would this acomplish this?

#2. Like this?


Have you looked at the “Rules History”? That should show you when your rules were triggered. Account > Rules > History tab.


Hi OMGitsTony, I have a reply back to SlabSlayer that is currently Pending Approval (not sure why) but I believe it will address why this particular Wishlist item is an entire solution to the Home Security portion that deals with Sirens that are now a part of the V3 cameras. These are not individual requests for individual components, but rather an entire solution that encompasses the expectations of how a feature (Sirens) would be used and useful. I look forward to your comments once you have read my reply back to SlabSlayer.
Rick Leavitt (DaBassMann)

@SlabSlayer , I thank you for taking the time to analyze in detail all of the situations I have laid out and some of your alternatives are quite brilliant. I am a retired QA Mgr (20 years) for a software company in Dallas, TX. and part of my purpose there was to improve the product for both the End User and also to enhance the product by reducing it’s dependency on 3rd party solutions. We had much more control over anything we could code within our product, not to mention outside solutions changed often and usually not to our benefit.

Of my 12 cameras, spread around 2 different residences (1 in Dallas and 1 in East Texas), only 5 of them are V3’s that are capable of not only the Siren, but have an improved night resolution. So putting a V3 in my bedroom facing the wall just for the Siren is not an ideal solution. Workable, yes, but a waste of a precious resource.

This is truly a creative alternative. However, ultimately the goal should be to reduce the reliance of a 3rd party solution, to design the Siren so it can push a notification, and offer the Wyze customer a variety of Siren sounds so they don’t have to go outside of the Wyze products. By using the Person Detection, although the time range would reduce it, it would seem the chances of False Triggers from other cameras could possibly taint the actual Siren occurrences. Whereas, if ONLY Sirens were the subject, there would be no False Triggers reported.

I was not aware (until now) of the Rules History logs. Yes, that is awesome to know, although it obviously requires quite a few extra steps to obtain this information, but I will absolutely check those logs each morning, albeit not in real time,

Another brilliant alternative. This will definitely be something I’ll research to determine if there is a small device that will generate a siren type noise whenever it has power. I’ve never heard of anything like this, but I can envision something like a automobile car horn or similar…although that will probably scare the [mod edit] out of you if you are sound asleep when it fires off at 3am!

Since Wyze is entering the Home Security arena, I think they should predict how an End User would expect a solution to function. The goal of this WishList item was to improve the Siren function that was recently added in the V3 cameras. It should be a complete package that not only sounds an alarm to thwart the intruder, but it should awaken the End User and have easy access to the information that created the alarm, easy access to the video (the proof), and a record such as an email (or SMS, too) that can be forwarded to the authorities should the need arise. All this should be done in-house without the need for ANY outside 3rd party add-ons.

MOD NOTE: Post edited to conform to the Community Guidelines.

We completely agree with you, most of the functionality requested in the OP is important as should be implemented, but that’s not how the wishlist worked. Omgitstony linked some other wishlist items above, and if you vote on them and leave a comment they will be bumped higher to the top. Wyzw has limited resources, and often times there’s higher priority tasks that need to be completed first.

SlabSlayer just gave you some workarounds to use until Wyze implements the requested changes, and they are by no means permanent solutions. Best thing you can do to expedite the process is to add your vote and comments to those wishlist posts and be patient :slight_smile:

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Including @SlabSlayer , @Omgitstony , @WyzeGwendolyn

Hi IEatBeans,

The Siren doesn’t create it’s own Alert or Notification… so this WL would not be appropriate. Simply giving the current Notifications additional tones to choose from has absolutely nothing to do with Sirens.

Once again, Sirens do not create their own emails or SMS’s, and simply attaching a snapshot or photo of a different motion alert will not have anything to do with what I am suggesting.

This is not a Wishlist item and only provides the ability to see what Wyze already does, which is not going to sufficient if someone is actively triggering your camera at 3am. I responded to SlabSlayer as follows:
I was not aware (until now) of the Rules History logs. Yes, that is awesome to know, although it obviously requires quite a few extra steps to obtain this information, but I will absolutely check those logs each morning, albeit not in real time,

NONE of the existing WishList or In-Progress items addressed Sirens, much less give a fairly complete Roadmap to improving Home Security regarding Sirens. Please understand I did look through both the Wishlist and In-Progress tickets before creating this post and could not find a single one that came close to doing what I am suggesting.

Each of the different items basically depends on the others to be in place before they can be usefully implemented. I regret that my proposed solutions doesn’t fit neatly into your established way of doing things. I also understand Wyze has limited resources to allocate, what software company doesn’t?

I’m not asking for any of this to be resolved in the next 30 days, either. I’m trying to present a fairly complete picture that can be looked at by your design teams and perhaps get somewhat of a Roadmap of how to create a functional integration into your Home Security big picture. If Wyze is really honest about creating a real Home Security solution, then it needs to be a complete as it can possibly make it. As it stands, Sirens is an incomplete idea and cannot be used in its current form to actually assist the End User to truly secure their homes.

I commend @SlabSlayer for taking the time to thoroughly read through my post and actually offer intermediate alternatives. Kudos to you, Chris.

You’re free to do what you want with this post, obviously. But if you split this into “mini-threads” I believe you are doing an injustice to the Home Security solution as well as condemning it to remain a splintered and incomplete function for Sirens.

Do with it what you may. Your actions will help me determine if I spend my time trying to help make the Wyze products better.


This should be the wishlist request: Add Siren Activation to the notifications list in the Cam Settings.

Wyze is currently developing the ability for users to get different notification tones for each type of notification received. With the addition of Siren Activation to the notification list settings capability (your wish), the siren notification alert would then fall into this wishlist item as well as possibly the other two.

Now we know why it needed to be approved! :astonished::joy:

I don’t have one yet, on my to-do list, but several users have used these sirens as a workaround to the lack of an HMS Siren.

Post your wishlist request as indicated in my post above. You certainly won’t get anything you don’t ask for! :wink:

It will get approved or merged somewhere else. I don’t have a say in that. But keep it as concise as possible. I will vote for it!


I am a community volenteer, and this forum is primarily a user to user space. That being said, Wyze don’t generally review it, although they do review the wishlist every week. I will let the mods take it from here, as they know what the best thing to do with this thread is, but if you want the most search visibility and the most votes on your wishlist request, it must be separated into multiple. You can use the forum feedback thread if you have suggestions for the forum.


OK Rick… I caught the Avatar change. Is this a Who’s Got the Bigger Fish situation? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My target species is a bit limited so I am at a disadvantage, although I do occasionally get some wandering Largemouths.

I see you mentioned my first name in your post. Did you catch the wordplay there?


ROFL Chris … Not at all. That’s a really small yellowtail I caught down in Mexico a few years back, I just like that picture. I haven’t caught my “Bucket List” fish … yet. I plan on a trip to Venice, Louisiana to catch a 200# Tuna before I die!!! Thankfully my brother and I have been life long fishing buddies, and I was able to retire in 2019 on a 10 acre plot of land on Lake Fork in East Texas… known for it’s huge bass. Although there is so many bass tourney’s on this lake, I really enjoy fishing for catfish and eating my catch.

Oh yes, I caught the Chris P. Crappie right off and chuckled. We’ve worked together on several communications in the past, now I know why I trusted what you were saying… LOL … even though fisherman do tend to embellish just a bit.

OK, with all that said, I have created a separate WL for the Notification, and I will add comments to the existing ones you suggested, hopefully they will be seen and added to the main goal of each one. Somehow I fear that my comments will be missed or discarded as irrelevant since there will be no understanding of why it’s being requested. Anything else that doesn’t get addressed by existing WL’s I will create new WL posts with only one subject per. Gotta understand my skepticism that breaking these all apart will not end up with a comprehensive “goal” for Sirens.

That now begs the question, what should be done with this ticket here? Does it get deleted? Who deletes it? Should any of this text be brought over to other tickets for a more thorough understanding of the additional posts in each of the other WL? There is an awful lot of clarification in the last 24 hours buried in this ticket.


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If the new WL post is approved, you can add all the context you need by posting in that topic thread adding clarification.

This is just a discussion topic that users can read and post. It will stay here until it goes stale. No need to delete or move it. When the WL is posted, you can paste a link to it in another post here so future readers can link thru and vote.


Because there was a part of your pending post that violated the Community Guidelines (CG), but it has since been edited by a fellow Mod to be within the CG and the post has since been published.

Your just talking about the siren onboard the V3 here right? The siren activation within rules is only a “rule action”, and needs a “rule trigger” to occur for it to activate. “Person detected” is an trigger. How would using the siren, which is only an action which is in response to something else, cause there to be no false triggers?

The siren is just a feature and function of the V3, the rest of the above comment is I believe current functionality within the app except for the email/SMS notification.

  • it should awaken the End User

Do you want the siren on the v3 to wake up the user or some other process on the phone? Achieving this is user dependent as some may hear the siren sounds from wherever the V3 is to needing their phone or device near them with the app to have some unique notification. This is where the custom notification wishlist topic could come into play. With custom notifications the “person detection” notification (since person detection is the initial trigger here) could be set to what ever would “wake up” the user, or just use the current notification system and sounds to wake up the user.

  • have easy access to the information that created the alarm, easy access to the video (the proof), and a record such as an email (or SMS, too) that can be forwarded to the authorities should the need arise. All this should be done in-house

The V3 has settings to send in app push notifications for “person detected”. Since you have person detection on the camera, that means that you have either CamPlusLite or CamPlus on the camera. Each would upload a clip of the detected and recognized event to the cloud and when you click the in app push notification mentioned earlier, that would bring you to the event clip that has on screen buttons for “share” and “download”. Clicking the share button on the event clip brings up several choices to send the clip on like sms text, email, etc, and the download allows you to save the clip to your device. How could that process be easier or improved? This is a current in-house feature and function.

The “share” function doesn’t automatically send on the event notification, you do that manually when viewing an event. That’s where these SMS Wishlist and email wishlist come into play to automatically send on the notifications via those methods.

The siren does not, but to activate the siren via a triggered rule you create, that event that you are using for your “trigger” (ex person detection) does create its own alert and notification via the device settings. Those are the notifications that the wishlist applies to. So in your own use case:

If you go into your V3 device settings and enable notifications, you will receive the in app push notifications mentioned above with the link to the event clip that you can easily send off or save. The triggered rule with the “activate siren” is supplemental to the notification which would be already occurring if enabled.

As stated above, by enabling notifications within your device settings, you will get an in app push notification with the event details, what’s detected, a thumbnail, what camera, and by clicking will bring you to the event clip. That will show you what is actively triggering your alarm automatically when the event is detected.

In response to your newly submitted wishlist item, that is as follows:

Add Siren Activation to the notifications list in the Cam Settings. Currently, Sirens are not part of Notifications so they cannot send emails or be part of the Detect AI Events list or be acted upon at all.

In the Add more actions to Rules wishlist, there was many mentions of creating custom notification messages, this was added to the list:

If implemented this could be added to this:

for an easy in house answer if created. And since you mentioned emails again, here is the link to the email notification wishlist since that is not current functionality.

The newly submitted wishlist item is now live.


Hi Chris,
I finally had a chance to add the additional WL items for the Siren topic, they are awaiting approval. Please take a look at them once they are processed and see if there is anything you’d like to add or any points I’d forgotten to make.
Thanks for all the effort you put in discussing this with me in length.


I will see these as a new post if they are approved. If they are merged into an existing topic, they will be added as the next sequential post, but will show in the latest posts list which I do review if I have time.

If you do need to add clarification, you can go to your post in the wishlist and tap the edit icon to make changes or add details. Alternatively, you can reply there to yourself or to another user to add a new post to the discussion topic.

If I have any thoughts, I will reply there as a reply post.