Does this functionality exist? (Motion-detection triggers audible alert)

Ring products can make the Ring chime play a sound when motion is detected on a specific camera. Is there a way to get this same effect using Wyze products? I have a doorbell on pre-order so I am hoping the included chime might make this possible.


I would also like an option for the camera itself to make a noise when it detects motion, so smash-and grabbers, package thieves, and other people know they’re being recorded.

If you use Alexa and either CamPlus or CamPlus Lite you can get an announcement on one or all of you Echo devices about a person detected. Or, if you have a V3, you can write a rule to trigger the onboard siren.

Thanks. I don’t use Alexa or Echo.

I’d like the person being “filmed” to hear the alert.

If the siren is triggered, would I have to intervene to turn it off? It would it just stay on?

I don’t use the siren, but any rule that can turn it on should be able to turn it off. I don’t remember if the rule action says to turn it on for a specific time or if you need another rule to turn it off. Need to test.

By default, the siren turns off after 25 seconds. Hope this helps.

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