Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

Hi all,

I’d like to ask the community if it would be possible to implement this feature: "When a sound/motion is detected by wyzecam, it will start to play a sound file (mp3/Flac/Wav) previously stored in the cloud.
Is it possible?


I think this is what you’re asking for:

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If you mean something different (such as the sound being played by the camera itself), let us know.


Hi Rick,

This is exactly what I’d like to see implemented in wyzecam :slight_smile:
For instance, the cam detects a movement and it plays a sound file directly itself.
I hope that it makes sense now :slight_smile:


Okay, I understand now. Something like “Hey, get off my porch”. :slight_smile:

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I’ve also slightly modified the title to make it more clear for those browsing and searching.


Is it possible to have a standard voice message played out when motion is detected from Wyze cam may be with IFTTT integration? Yesterday, my cam detected a thief checking out my front porch. I am thinking it would be nice to have a standard message played out to scare off the thief.


I thought about that Friday night.
When a prowler posing as a delivery guy, had a driver n went to six different houses.

Then thinking mine was vacant made two more visits. Until I peered out the front door window, to signal him, off!

I joked about a message like, " Intruder Detected, release Poison Gas in 10 sec’s. Psssssst. "!!!

Canned and self recorded msg’s would help.

I told my brother, I want it for Alexa too!


Regarding different tone, I used IFTTT to send me text message when motion is detected. On my iphone, I have added custom tone, & custom vibration (vibration that would make me alert).

Here my intention was to use the mic on Wyze app to talk to the person (If thief, to scare off), but usually IFTTT notification/text message is much quicker. Opening Wyze app checking notification video, confirming it was someone not expected, talking through mic in Wyze mic is lot slower. (Notification video might not be available since 12 to 15 sec video capture might not be complete)

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Ability to record to SD an audio alert that would play when motion is detected. Such as, “Camera detecting motion, you are being monitored”, etc.

Functional Features:

  • Set time in clip duration when audio played, such as mid point where a person would be at the door. Should be adjustable.
  • Schedule when and which audio responses would be played

I didn’t see anything like this in the roadmap topics already, so I will add it here -

I’d like to be able to generate an audible prompt or playback of an audio sample on the camera when recording is activated. Why? So that someone approaching the porch to steal a package or in the driveway to break into the car knows that they are being recorded. It can be any pre-recorded audio sample in whatever format is easiest to store locally and playback through the camera’s speaker. Perhaps just a voice saying “video recording activated” It might just be enough to cause a potential thief to rethink their poor life choices if they know they are being recorded. It may also cause the camera to be smashed or stolen, but I’ll take that risk since the cost of one broken car window will pay for a lot of Wyze Cams.


After I got a sound notification, I popped on to see what my dog was doing.

He was getting into something, I spoke to him through the mic but he didnt care lol.

Some sort of audible alarm or siren to startle him would totally have worked. Wouldnt have to be insanely loud…just enough that he would pay attention, I could also train him with the sound.

Might also be good to startle any unwanted guests.

Whatcha think?


PLEASE, please do it, this feature will surpass the 110dB siren of arlo and ring cameras system because such a feature would not only play a siren sound effect file but also any sound file you like. You have to realize it potential.


Addition of a sound alarm when a camera senses motion. Alarm could be feature built into commands for 1 or multiple cameras. Instead of using IFTTT compatible alarm, use the voice output of the Wyze speakers to blast preset list of alarm sounds (similar to the built in alarms on a phone’s alarm clock feature). This would double each camera as an alarm device when in motion activation mode. Especially useful if sleeping, camera detects motion, and sounds alarm to wake people in house.


I would like to pre-record phrases that could be triggered from motion in certain areas.


Would be a nice feature on IFTTT if motion is detected, then play audio clip on wyze camera. This would be cool so at night, if motion is detected around my cars, the person near them, would hear a warning message that the facility is recorded and all video recordings will be used against them.

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Would love to see an audio sound added to the camera as a deterrent to an intruder. It may make them aware that there on camera and book out of there. Its just an extra safety feature


I would like to be able to activate an alarm-like sound through an individual Wyze Cam, or through all Wyze Cams in the house, through the same speaker that is utilized when speaking through the camera. This would be super useful to “beep” loudly at my dog to deter an unwanted behavior, or of course to manually sound an alarm if an intruder is detected.


I would like this feature to be implemented. Thanks!

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Yes I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do this.
I own a small 24 hour gym where members have door codes to get in. Well, I need them to all sign in upon entering, so I’d love to be able to record a message that says " don’t forget to sign in!" Some ignore the sign, so an audio reminder would be great


Hey guys, I have seen the Wyze Sense video and it is amazing, I have what maybe could be a future update or idea, could the Wyze cams be able to turn on the speaker they have integrated with an alarm kind of noise whenever one of the sensors are triggered? The ability to select which cam will be triggered for video and alarm would be fantastic.

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I prefer having the camera capable of playing ANY sound file rather than just limited to alarm.