Wyze Sense Notification

I have a PAN Cam with a Wyze Sense Bridge and an entry sensor. If I turn on Notifications on my Android it drives me nuts with notifications. What I want is for the notification to be a simple beep on the Pan-Cam. How can I redirect the notification to the PanCam speaker.
Or, to the Amazon Echo?

You can create an Alexa routine with the Wyze sensor.
You would just have to select the sensor as the trigger and use the “Alexa says function”.

This is not a feature the cameras speakers can do. I have something similar at my house when the garage (with contact sensor) opens between a certain time, Alexa announces “wife is home!”

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Yes, I know it is not a feature, but, it is the obvious one that should be added. Everything would become easier and reduce the need to use #$$%^ Alexa all the time. We do not need to give Besos more info about how we live!

This feature request is on the wishlist and is labeled as “maybe later”. Which means it is on the radar, but might be looked into at a later time.

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What WYZE should do is build more hardware, like a new Sense Hub that uses something that is a standard in the home automation world. Right now, we have a Tower of Babel in the Home Automation arena. It is like the old days of email: everyone had a standard.

Why does everything have to go through Alexa or Google?