Play sound on motion/person detection

I am trying to get my cam to play sound on motion/person detection when I get mail or a package. I have read the “Create Rules” section many times. I feel stupid as this should be simple to do. Also, can I have it do a recording without sending the notification. I had hopes the notification would alert me to motion/person detection however, by the time it records and sends the notification the deliver is a minute to four minutes past. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, that I know of there is no option for having the cam itself play a sound on detection. That occurs within your device and OS when the notification occurs. Notifications do have a delay built-in since they are processed thru servers.
If you want to move into the additional devices arena, the Rules can be used to turn on plugs or bulbs. Anything can be plugged into a plug, like a bell or buzzer.

OK, thanks Tomp. I have Alexa control lights and TV’s. Not sure if I can use one of my Alexa plugs? I have the Wyse skill on Alexa. Any ideas. Thanks!

Alexa will work with the Wyze Sense products fairly reliably, if you want to move in that direction. Unfortunately they have not yet enabled the cams to do much with Alexa without using the Sense products, even though Alexa will recognize them and display them if you have a video based Alexa device.

I have set up routines using Alexa where she announces that ‘I have mail’ or ‘the back door was opened’ etc… No notifications are immediate though

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