Wyze creating a rule to turn on notifications delay bug. Please read

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to set a rule where the notifications get turned on whenever one of my cameras detects a person that way it can send the notification of course but it’s not doing that exact thing.

So I have the notifications off in the app, not the system notifications, and the rule works but not as I want it to at least. So whenever it detects a person, the little bell notification turns on BUT it doesn’t send you the notification. Instead, it turns the notifications on but waits for the next person detection alert to actually send you the notification to your device which defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do.

To go more in depth in this, I have all notifications turned on for my device. And I’m using the sharing device feature with my partner which is the device I’m having that particular issue with. I only want them to get notifications when it detects a person and not all notifications like my device. There’s a way to set this on my admin account but I would have to just leave the AI person notifications turned and turn off motion which is not what I want to have on my account since I want all the notifications.

So what I did on my partners account is to turn on notifications when it detects a person and to turn off notifications when it detects any motion that way they won’t get all notifications of motion and only get important notifications for person detection. In order to make sure that turning off the notifications due to that motion rule didn’t have any issues with the person notifications detection, I manually turned off notifications through the bell icon in the home screen of the wyze app and just had a single rule for turning it back on when it detects a person but still it turns on the notifications but won’t send a notification to your device and will only send it after the second person alert it detects.

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense but basically I wish eash shared account had its own push notifications settings like the admin account does.

I don’t think you can have different settings for shared devices among the various users, but I don’t have anything shared. You can test this by changing the notifications from one of the share accounts and see what happens. I think you’ll find any changes are shared by all users.

Also, your description of what happens with your rule to turn on person notification makes perfect sense. You can’t turn on the notification until after the event has already taken place, so no notice until the next person event.