Temporary Audio Alerts When Motion Is Detected

I am transitioning away from Ring products. With Ring, I was able to ring a chime when motion was detected. Is there any way to do that with Wyze products? The Wyze Chime is only for doorbells and I don’t need a siren. I am just looking to be briefly alerted when someone is near the house.

There is no way to do this within the Wyze Ecosystem. The best option is the Push Notification on your App.

You are correct, the Doorbell Chimes only work with the doorbells. The HMS Chime is also limited to only being triggered by Sense Sensors. And, since you don’t want the 30s siren on the cam going off for this purpose, that isn’t an option either.

If you have Cam Plus, Alexa has the capability to verbally alert of Person Detections on compatible audio devices. It also has the ability to use Person Detection as a Trigger for a Rule. If you have an Alexa compatible Smart Chime, that can be triggered by an Alexa Routine to sound off when a Person is detected by a Wyze Cam.