Replace Wyze notification sounds with custom announcements (text to speech)

I want to suggest that you add text to speech to your rules so that notifications won’t just be sounds but words telling users exactly what is going on. It will even be much better if the text to speech is custom enabled. Compare with Alexa text to speech routine.


  1. Sensor at front door triggers event - Default Wyze sound or custom announcement (front door has been opened)
  2. Motion sensor at backyard - Default Wyze sound or custom announcement (motion has been detected at backyard)

Currently, this can be archived using Alexa routines but will be much better if it is possible using the new Wyze rule module.

On the roadmap for 4 years and counting.

See also several other threads including

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It looks like this user would like to enter text at the rule level and use text-to-speech in place of system notification output. I’m not sure this is possible, but I’d love to be able to type an alert/notification string for different rules.

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We can do something similar with Alexa routines and person detection.

You are correct. When one owns several Wyze products and they are all giving off the same notification sounds, at some point one might just not care to check them anymore however when you here an announcement like “Attention, front door has been opened or Attention, motion/person has been detected in your garage” that will easily spur one to action regardless of the time of day.


Yeah, but Alexa fails sometimes hence it will be good if the Wyze App has this feature since Wyze notifications are always on point. They should create options to either select predetermined notification sounds or custom text to speech.

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So does Wyze…

I’ve had a heck of a lot better luck with Alexa Wyze announcements than with Wyze app notifications personally. The latter randomly stopped working for weeks at a time.