Does Wyze make a speaker or alarm that I can link to my cams?

I’m trying to find a speaker or chime or something that I can connect or assign to my Wyze cams that will sound an alert when it detects the Smart AI events I configure.

I know the app does this through my phone and that’s how I have it now but I’d like something a little more security-oriented.

Basically I just want a loud alarm/alert if my indoor cams detect a person in the house at night.

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No, but there is a wishlist topic requesting the same: Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

In the meantime, you can make your own for less than $30 if you have a spare Wyze Plug: Leak detected and siren woke the dead!

Thanks. That looks like a little too much work… I can just turn up the notification sound on my phone at night and place it next to my head until Wyze comes out with a real solution for this.

On the other hand, I had no idea Wyze had leak detectors. I have a bunch of Govee detectors and one has already saved me from a potential whole-home flood but I’m going to look into the Wyze ones. Only thing though is that a couple of reviews mention that the Wyze leak detectors don’t sound an alarm, they just send a barely noticeable alert through the app. That wouldn’t work for me. The Govees have a built in speaker that the neighbors could hear a mile away!!

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Correct. The Wyze Leak Sensors do not incorporate an alarm. Which is why I made my own. The nice thing about Govees though is that they’ll wake the dead even during an Internet outage.

BTW, if you have an HMS subscription, Leak Sensor monitoring is included:

I already subscribe to Cam Plus from Wyze and the monitoring service from another company for an alarm and another camera. I’m all subscribed out!!

The only thing the Govees are lacking is a small probe to fit into small spaces. The catch pan my water heater sits in only has maybe 1/2" of space around the sides which isn’t big enough to fit a Govee sensor. I went old school and took a half sheet of paper towel and rolled up one end, stuck that in the catch pan, then left the other end flat and placed it on the ground outside and put the sensor’s prongs on top of it. Capillary action at work. Tested it and it works perfectly.

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That may defeat the purpose of the catch pan though. Unless the leak is slow or you are able to “catch” it quickly.

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The catch pan won’t hold more than 1/2 gallon at most. It won’t be any help at all if my 40 gallon heater springs a leak. If it does spring a leak chances are it’ll be when we’re using it and someone will be home to shut off the water and stick a hose on the tank’s drain nozzle. That’s what happened with the older heater. I was washing dishes in the morning and the alarm went off. Had plenty of time to turn off the water, grab a hose and drain it into the sink.

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If you have a V3 cam, you can create a “Device and Service Trigger” rule. This only works with general motion; no AI motion.

In create rule, select your camera and choose detect motion. In DO add action, select V3 camera and choose “turn on siren”. You can also set the time when the rule is active.

Creative, I like it. That would be great if it could be set to trigger only on AI events. But with just general motion triggers I can see it now… 3 a.m., everyone sound asleep, a piece of dust floats past the cam, suddenly the siren goes off!!

I really just need person detection. So far the only thing I’ve come up with is to set the notification volume on my phone all the way up and set the cameras to only notify for Person detections.

It’s in the wishlist. You can add your vote on it.

Use the custom Device & Service Trigger rule setup, not the preset “Cam v3 Trigger Rule” one you’re referring to that doesn’t let you pick everything…