Can an alarm noise be broadcast *from* the Wyze Cam?

I have a Wyze Cam mounted under my carport in front of my garage (we had a break-in and an unsuccessful attempt to steal my bike in there, have since put Cams inside & out). We have a 100 foot-long driveway where we keep our garbage & recycling cans at the far end under the carport, but still people feel they can come all the way up the driveway, squeeze past our vehicle and come right up to the cans and rifle through them. This usually occurs when we are all asleep, so a motion alert on a silenced phone won’t do us much good. Is it possible to have the Cam play a noise, like an alarm or a voice, through it’s speaker when it detects motion to (hopefully) spook the person off?


You should be able to do this with IFTTT and a third party IFTTT compliant sound making device. Wyze supplies a motion trigger for IFTTT. You would need to find an alarm or noise making device that has an IFTTT action. I haven’t searched, so I have no idea if such a thing can be obtained at a reasonable cost.

I had thought that and did some searching, but routing through IFTTT creates unacceptable lag; I once had my Ring doorbell flash my Hue lights via IFTTT when the doorbell was rung, but they’d flash about 15-25 seconds after I get the mobile alert from Ring. So I disabled it.

The Cam has a speaker in it, I don’t see how difficult it could be to have it play a sound from that speaker when the motion sensor trips.

Here’s the a feature request thread on reddit that Wyze monitors. I’d suggest you post your request here: