Can WzyeCam work with alarms?

Is there a way to turn an alarm on when WyzeCam catches motion?

IFTTT maybe?

Anybody have this working now?

My iPhone makes a sound every time it receives a notification.


I’m wanting to set up a couple of wifi connected alarms and have WyzeCam them activated when the camera detects motion.

Anybody doing this with WyzeCam or know how?

There is no API for IFTTT or any other trigger mechanism. About the only hope for this at this time is if you had some way for your phone to forward the push notification out to trigger the alarm.

But having said that, these cameras are not meant to be a “real” security or alarm system. Notification alerts can be triggered by lighting changes, etc. So I’m not sure you’d really want an alarm going off every time a notification alert happens.

Loki, while the cameras can trigger from light, Wyze sense motion detections will not, and Jerrys request would indeed be a VERY valuable freature to play an audio alarm directly from the camera speaker upon motion detection (and/or a manual button that could activate an alarm sound from all camera speakers if an intruder is observed on video). This would also be one of the easier requests to accomplish relatively speaking from a development point of view, so it may be something Wyze take on simply because it wouldn’t take a lot of time to do.

Hi @bmpero101,

This is a year old topic. You can now vote for the following features at the links below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top of each:

Thank you, I did read those before posting, and voted too, but those seemed to be talking about more involved and complex requests than what I indicated (they want motion activated automatics sirens, connection to external alarm devices, playing customized recordings automatically, etc), which of course was marked as ‘maybe later’ due likely to low severity and higher complexity. My request is a much simpler manual soft button to play a preset siren sound, therefore I consider this a separate request and one more likely to be accepted in the near term due to relative ease of implementation. Thanks

Wyze wants these very similar requests grouped, so my suggestion would be to go over to the sound file topic and add your comments that they would start with a simple single alarm sound option to reduce complexity.