Detection alert to wake me up?

Looking to place in a childs bedroom with detection setting on. So far push notification to my iphone working, but the iphone alert would never wake me up. Other options?

iphone notification not loud or persistent. I have one smart plug on our bedroom lamp and echo’s and sonos one. Any way to get an alarm on sonos one or echo’s?

If you set up IFTTT you can get the camera to push another motion alert to your iPhone so you can have two and then you can set up another IFTTT to push an email motion alert to your phone totalling up to 3 notifications but idk that’s going to wake you up.

How to set up IFTTT


I thought you would recommend to have IFTTT flash a lamp in the room.


I don’t know if he has any supported smart home devices or any at all.


i have a lamp on a “smart plug”… it would be better than nothing… i have echo’s and sonosone… curious if there are any alarm options there?

Alexa doesn’t have any IFTTT actions, so that won’t work.

However, Sonos actions include Play Favorite and Play Stream, so you could use the Wyze Event Detection trigger to trigger a Sonos Play action. Have the volume set at a level that will wake you up.

Send your sound output from your device to a Bluetooth speaker ,Put it by your bed and crank it up .
With an Android device you can set any sound you want for your alert Notification , you could set a sound that would wake the dead With a Bluetooth speaker

I managed to make it work with my Sonos with IFTTT, In my case what I wanted is to get an alert on my sonos that would notify me if a door or window was opened during the night. (Too many robberies recently where I live)
What you need?
Wyze cam with contact sensors (if you want to get notified of a door or window opened)
Wyze cam only (if you want to get notified for motion)
A web page that converts text to audio and the ability to export to MP3
A router that supports USB storage and media server (NAS)
A sonos speaker
an IFTTT account

What I this was the following:
Created audio files for example: Alert, Main door opened and Alert, window opened.
Added those mp3 files to my usb storage that is attached to my router on a folder named audio.
On my Sonos I mapped the media server
Then on the sonos app I added each one of the audio files to my favorites.
And finally you can create a new applet, If Wyze “Contact sensor opens”, then “Sonos, Play favorite” and select the audio file from the list.

If anyone is interested I can make a better tutorial or a youtube video.