Entry Sensor V2 Rule to announce which door is open?

Is there a way to create a rule to play an audio clip?

I want to create a rule so when the garage door opens it will say the door name (play the clip or read the text).

Having a notice speak the event would be far more helpful. Especially as some doors should NOT open normally and an audio alert would be helpful.

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Not with Wyze, but I have this exact routine in Alexa to make an announcement on our Shows or Dots. Announces when Omgitswifey arrives home.


Wyze has some Alexa integrations, I wonder if it would work to trigger it there.


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Yep, I very strongly recommend using Alexa for this. I do this.

You can also do it with Google but it is fairly complicated for most people. I use Tasker to broadcast a message to specific Google home speakers.

You can also do it with some other options involving Home Assistant and such, but I totally agree with Omgitstony that Alexa is the best option, and the main one I use. It’s really easy and does text to speech.

Hopefully Wyze will add their own built in options soon to announce things on the Hub or keypads or even through the cams if we want, but that’s not possible just yet.


I have another work around that might be more up your alley. I don’t use alexa but I wanted this as well. check out this post and see what you think of it. it’s for cameras, but the trigger is based on the name of whatever is in the drop down notification. so you could set it for anything. I actually used it to differentiate for people specifically and it worked wonderfully. I just side loaded the apk and went to town. once you understand it, its not terribly hard to set up.


I am shocked this is not an option with the Wyze system. It is a basic function of any home monitoring system. Frankly, the lack of this feature has me considering returning the units I purchased as knowing when a door opens when we are at home is half the reason we got the system.

Welcome to the forums! What are you looking for? There are “tunes” that chime or make a noise when a door is opened currently as a feature. Would that suffice?