Can I make entry sensor trigger a sound when door opens?

I am trying to figure out if I can do this before buying more Wyze hardware. I would like to trigger a brief loud-ish sound when a door opens. Can I use an entry sensor to trigger a sound from the sense hub without it being in an armed alarm mode?

I am really not interested in using the sense hub and sensors as an alarm system. I am trying to provide an audio alert to my hard of hearing mother in another room when the front door opens. If there is some other approach to accomplishing this, I’m interested in that too.

Thanks for any ideas.

Not sure how loud I’d call it, but you need to configure “Tune” in the HMS settings. It will play a sound from the hub for any door sensor you configure.

If you/your mother have Alexa devices you can create a Routine that will make an announcement on a variety of the Alexa devices.

The ding of the Wyze Sense hub is not loud enough for me so this is what I do for many of my Wyze contact sensors.

This can be done with other AI utilities. but I have gone with Alexa in my ecosystem.

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Are these sounds/tunes built into the device, or can you load your own sound files?

Seems like this info would be in a user manual or documentation if only Wyze had such a thing.

Thanks for your help.

I hadn’t thought of that approach. She does have a couple of Alexa devices which I have tried to use to provide reminders for her, so this sounds like something for me to look into. Thanks.

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Sounds are built in to the hub. No download though others have asked for that ability.

I use my Alexa for this purpose. The Alexa routine let’s you use any wyze contact sensor open or close event, motion detector, or cam AI event to trigger an Alexa action (after you install and link the Wyze skill in Alexa). Because I turn my Alexa volume down when I am listening to music, I build a step into the routine to jack the volume to 100%. You can also have Alexa say whatever you want her to say and direct it to any\all Alexa devices you have. It takes some fiddling and tweaking to get complex routines perfect given the number of smart devices you can activate from one trigger, but it is worth it.

I have a Wyze entry sensor on my garage door, that when open, it turns on a Wyze Color Light to a specific Color and specific Brightness.

I also have that Wyze entry sensor trigger multiple lights throughout the house if the garage door is left open for greater than five minutes. This includes the bedroom lights to hopefully wake my wife and/or I up should the garage door be left open, or open on it’s own (which it actually did the other day at 11pm per an alert I got from my Chamberlain MyQ Garage door monitor. )

I use other sensors and camera’s to turn wyze lights on, as well as a couple of Wyze Strip lights using motion sensors, Entry Sensors, V3 Cams, WCO Cams, the Wyze Doorbell.

Using lights might be a good option if the light(s) that you use are in the room where your Mom spends most of her time.

I actually have a Ceiling Fan with four light fixtures, in the ‘center’ of the house, and that light fixture NEVER gets used for normal lighting in the house. So, four Wyzes Color bulbs are in place. The light facing the front door turn on to Red when Person or Package is detected at the front door.

I have multiple WCO’s and two V3’s around the perimeter of the house. When they detect a ‘pet’ because “Racoon”, “Coyote”, “Rat”, “Mouse” or “Bobcat” are not an option :slight_smile: The Wyze Color bulb facing the side of the house where the 'Pet" is detected will turn Green.

The turn Red when a Person is detected on the corresponding side of the house.

I also would like it if my Wyze Sense Hub could actually be programmed to say something other than a ‘ding’ when a sensor opens.

I do have my Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) say “Garage Door is Open” when it opens.


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