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I have small kids and we have 4 doors that go out to the pool area. I wanted to put the Wyze sensors on those 4 doors. I know the sensors work with the hub (which looks like it has a speaker on it). We mostly want this to be active at night time when we are asleep to tell us if something has been triggered.

Thanks to anyone who can help me answer a few question before purchasing:

  1. From the videos I have seen online, I know the sensors will give me notifications to my phone, but will there be an audible notification (that is not a police siren) from the hub when a sensor is triggered? Perhaps a chime, voice, or something other then a startling alarm in the middle of the night?

  2. If so, do we have to be subscribed to the home monitoring serivce for this to work or will this work out of the box as we just want that notification?

  3. Similarly, since we have Wyze cams in the babies’ room for when they sleep, can we link the hub to tell us when there is motion/sound from their various cameras?

We essentially want to be notified by the hub through a non-siren sound when the sensors are triggered. Don’t need the police siren to go off - just a sound from the Hub - when the sensors trigger.

Thanks in advance for answering any/all of these questions as we try to figure out the best way to monitor and keep our house safe at night when everyone (should be) asleep!

Yes, you can set the hub to make a sound when a door sensor is opened. It’ll only make the sound when a contact sensor is opened.

I believe you have to be subscribed to the home monitoring for the hub to make the chime, though I may be wrong. I just remember reading a while ago about a user who reported that their hub would not make a sound when a contact sensor would open after their HMS expired . @WildBill was that you? Can you confirm this ?

You can already do this without a hub, you can set up motion and sound notifications. Are you asking if you can link a camera to the hub and have it announce or set off a sound ? I don’t think that’s possible , everything will go to your phone.

But if you get the home monitoring subscription, you can add cameras to a group and you get a feature called “critical alerts” which will send you a push notification even if you have your phone set to do not disturb.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer these!

Great! Do you know if it’s just a ‘sound’ as opposed to a loud siren?

And yes, I was hoping that the Hub would give me a notification audibily if the babies start to cry instead of my phone just going off all night long in the mix of other random things. I figured that this one was a long shot to ask of this.

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That was me. For a while after I let my subscription expire the “tunes” from the hub continued to work when the contact sensor opened. You couldn’t change the setting, but it worked. After an extended period of time the “tunes” just stopped working. Without the subscription to HMS you have no access to the setting, you can’t turn it on nor off, even when you first install the hub.


If you have Alexa devices you can create a Routine to play a custom sound or have Alexa announce a phrase when a contact sensor is opened/closed.

I have one that looks like this.

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This is OT a bit. Sorry. Was trying to find a way to turn this off. I had to reset my sensor and now it makes a noise when we open the door. This is annoying to me. How do u turn it off?

From your Wyze app: Home > your sensor > Settings (gear icon, upper right) > Notifications

Edit: If you’re referring to the sound/tone coming from your HMS Hub, and you have a Home Monitoring subscription, from your Wyze app: Home > Monitoring tab (center icon in footer) > Home Monitoring Settings > Tune Settings > your Entry Sensor > Entry Notice (toggle off)