Hub chime only or can key pad chime also

My hub chimes when a door sensor is opened. the hub is hard connected in a bedroom where my router is. Does the keypad have the ability to chime instead or do I just have to move the hub and connect via wifi?

Only the Sense Hub (HMS) will chime on entry contact sensors, unless you turn that off. The keypads do not have any configurable settings and will not chime. If you need to hear the chime in a different part of the house, that is where the hub will need to be.

Thanks man !

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I think Wyze is missing the boat by not exploring sound options with the hub. While I only know a little about the subject I’d think it wouldn’t be too tough to have google home pickup a door switch activation and play a sound on all the hubs/speakers in the house and I’ll also say it again we need some choices of tones or better yet a way to play a short sound file or even piece of music, I’d pay 30 bucks for an mp3 player either built into the hub with a card slot or an add on device. I believe there is at least one doorbell product out there that allows you to record an audio file to be played back later on demand, a lot better than leaving a note on the door that anyone can see blows away etc. etc. I’m still having visions of setting up a sound and light show that gets activated when the hub goes into alarm to scare the bejesus out of some moron thinks he’s going to quietly break into my house…NOT.

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