Entry door sound

Hello,can anyone help me set up my system to chime when doors are opened. Not the alarm, but just a chime notification when a door is opened.

If you have HMS, use the app, go to the Home Monitoring Settings (bottom of page).
Then, in the Tune Settings section, you can select which sensor generates a sound when triggered.


Do you have Alexa?

If so you can setup a routine to announce when a door is open and include which door as well.

Myself and others do this and it works very well.

You can also set each individual sensor to send a push notification when opened in the sensor settings.

But, if you just want the hub to chime, @christiano was spot on.

Do you have a door sensor?
Do you have the Wyze Home Monitoring System?
Do you have a smart hub or whatever its called?
I have none of those things. You could point a camera at a door and when there is a motion send a notification to you as well?
Please note that the wyze doorbell chime that is included does NOT work without the doorbell itself. You can’t create rule that says when a camera has motion to play a sound on a chime without the doorbell or home monitoring setup.

You can’t create a rule to action the doorbell chime… Ever. The doorbell chime is unavailable in rules even if you have the doorbell. The only thing that can sound the doorbell chime is a doorbell button press.

Likewise, the HMS chime for contact sensors is also not actionable from within rules. Chimes triggered by Rules are out regardless.


I guess you could get a wyze plug and turn the wyze plug on for 30 seconds then shut it off 30 seconds later?

Then you could make or buy a 110 buzzer of some sort and plug it into the plug. If it has a switch on the buzzer, leave the switch on all the time so when it gets power it buzzes. I know these buzzer exist - think of every old clothes dryer on the planet. ‘end of cycle chime’ is SO loud in those old whirlpools.

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That would be functional and the rules would allow a contact sensor, motion sensor, or cam motion\AI detection to trigger the plug. But, unfortunately, the rules execution latency from detection to execution can be excruciatingly long for some users who don’t have great ISP or WiFi transmit times.

I actually use macros and webhooks to have my Alexa devices announce all my cam detections and sensor activity. The delay can be maddening.

Where can I get the “HMS Chime” ?
I am just getting started with all of this. I have had cameras and stuff so I have a basic understanding but I don’t see the chime anywhere in the Home monitoring stuff…

In Home Monitoring Settings → Tune Settings you can turn on and off each individual contact sensor in the list to designate which ones chime when opened.