Wyze entry sensor Europe

I’ve recently bought the Wyse Sense v2 pack, with the sense hub, entry and motion sensors and keypad. The simple thing I want to achieve is sound an alarm when a door is opened. I’ve installed the sense hub and activated an entry sensor, but the only way I can find to be able to create a sound when the door is opened is the Home Monitoring, which is not available outside of the US and Canada. I can’t select the entry sensor in Google Assistant as well, although it is visible. Looks like the whole package is useless in Europe?

Well, as far as I know, unfortunately, the HMS can only be activated in the USA and Canada. This is because it is supported by a 3rd party agent (Noonlight) for emergency response.

The sensors can only connect to the HMS Hub, as they use their own communication protocol and frequencies.

So even a simple alarm from the sense hub when a door opens is too much to ask… Even with Alexa I can’t get anywhere, as the Wyze skill is unavailable over here due to geographical restrictions. I know have a set of useless pieces of Wyze gear…

You can create a rule that uses the contact sensor as a trigger and siren on a Wyze camera as the action.

You can use Alexa to create a routine that when the sensor opens it plays a sound (beep or siren) as the action.

Only the outdoor camera’s we have can be used to trigger a siren (which is a bit of an overkill) and useless to have the sound outdoors. Alexa can’t find the Wyze gear without installing the Wyze skill apparently (which is not available here)