Questions about Entry Sensor and Sense Hub

I’m looking for an entry sensor that can be armed at night to sound a loud alarm if a sleepwalker leaves the house. I’m trying to understand if the Wyze Sense Entry Sensor meets my needs, but it has pretty much no features listed, so I don’t know. I have several questions:

  1. Can the entry sensor be armed only at night and can it sound a loud alarm?
  2. Can the entry sensor be disarmed physically without using the app?
  3. I see that the entry sensor requires the Wyze Sense Hub. For the hub, am I required to subscribe to monitoring? I really don’t need monitoring. I just need a sensor with an alarm.

Overall, I’m concerned that the whole hub and monitoring setup is overly complicated for my simple needs. Thanks.

In order to do what you want you would need a subscription. You can’t arm and disarm without one. However, you would want to run the system in test mode so as not to have the police dispatched. You cannot trigger that alarm without the subscription. If you have one of the Wyze cameras with a built-in siren, you could trigger that without the HMS subscription and you could “arm” and “dis-arm” the setup using time based rules.

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You can do this, but need a little more.

First, You need the Wyze Sense Hub and contact sensor(s), which ultimately is included in the Wyze Home Monitoring System Starter Kit. This will also come with the Home Monitoring service as a packaged solution as @WildBill was pointing out. And you can keep the Home Monitoring in test mode or not set the alarm and any Home Automation rules you set will still be followed.

Natively you cannot sound just an “alarm” with the opening of a door during specific hours using just the HMS system and the items that come with the system.

If you want to expand a little further you can do this with a Wyze Camera that has a siren with the use of the Wyze Rules. So during the hours of 12am-7am if Contact Sensor is opened turn on Wyze Camera Siren.

Additionally if you have Alexa devices you could create a routine that if Wyze Contact Sensor is opened, then play a sound on your Alexa device, this could be a long list of sounds.

So a little more involved than you may be looking for, but if any of those items are of interest you can put it all together.

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