HMS: How to alarm on door open at night?

Hello all.

New Wyze user here trying to setup HMS. I have 3 exterior doors with entry sensors v2’s on them. What I want to do is have them alarm/alert HMS at night or when I’m away.

I have the away part working. When we are away, all windows, doors, and motion sensors are set to alarm on.

How do I make it so my 3 doors will alarm at night? We have young children, so we can’t use the “Home” mode to alarm since they go in and out after school.



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When I am “home” and moving about, in and out of doors, my system is Disarmed.

When I am Away and the system is in Away mode, 100% of my sensors are armed.

I use “Home” mode for at night when I am going to bed and I am done moving in or out. My perimeter door and window sensors are armed, but not my motion sensors.

It sounds like you should be using Disarmed when the kids are still running about and Home when the family goes to bed.


Still new to the home monitoring , what does Home do?

So far when I set it to Home , whenever a contact sensor is opened the hub will make a sound . What else is Home used for ?

I am now going to sleep and went to arm my house , would I set it to Home or Away ?

Home and Away are two different “Armed” states. In each, you set which sensors will set off the alarm and notify Noonlight.

Away is for when no one is there. Home is for when you are there and inside, but you want the system to be on and monitoring.

The tones you hear when a door is opened can be silenced. That is a seperate list from your Home & Away “on duty” sensor list.

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“Home” and “away” are just pre-labeled groups of sensors that you specify that will be “active” when you select one group or the other.

When HMS is set to home, when any sensor you have included in that group triggers and event, Will signal an alert and cause your system to alarm and a Noon light to be notified.

I would say most everybody uses the home group and only uses perimeter sensors in that group so that you could move about your home freely and not trigger an alarm unless you try to exit your home or someone tries to enter your home. I would say most everybody uses the away group and has all exterior and interior sensors be active so that if someone tries to enter your home and or moves around the inside of your home each of those triggers will send an alarm.

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