Wyze Home Monitoring System should let us tell it what to do for each sensor

The Wyze system let’s you put contact sensors on doors, windows and possibly a garage door or driveway gate. With other systems, you can instruct it what to do for each sensor when the system is armed. For example, I would want it to trigger an alarm if a door is opened, but not when a driveway gate is opened by the gardener. Wyze should look at the competition and copy the features that make sense.

Question on this, why not remove the Gate Sensor from HMS and leave it as a regular sensor. Then you can get a notification when a gate is opened but no Alarm. The other sensors, like you doors or windows could then be added to the HMS and used to trigger the Alarm.

Would that work, or am I missing something?

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You are absolutely correct. I didn’t think of that, and I have now made that change. Thank you bringing it to my attention. I didn’t follow the logic in setting up the Wyze system because it is different than two previous DIY alarm systems I set up, but I am not suggesting Wyze change anything in the firmware which would be complicated, and I’m not complaining. With the other systems, when you first connect/set up/configure each sensor it asks you if you want it to trigger an alarm when the system is armed in the Away mode, in the Home mode. You set up each sensor just once. With the Wyze system, as you know, the customer installs & sets up each sensor, and names it, etc. just to connect it to the system. Then the customer goes into the “Home Monitoring Settings”> “Home & Away” settings selects “Home” and then connects each sensor again that he wants to trigger an alarm in the Home mode, and names each sensor again. Then the customer goes into the Away settings and does the same thing all over again setting up the sensor for a third time. By the way, everything on my Wyze system is working the way it was intended.


Thanks for the feedback and clarity. I have never had a security system, so I had not idea on what the difference were and couldn’t compare to other systems. Your info is clear and concise and provides insight into what you have brought up.

This provides me with additional information when I help others. I appreciate it.

Glad it worked out.


I like @spamoni4’s idea. Straight forward.

Since Wyze sensors show up as devices in Alexa, you could create routines to alert you with lights or voice alerts from Alexa for those sensors you wish to hear from, and none from the gate.

You could supplement spamoni4’s idea with the Alexa options.

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