Question about Home Monitoring , Home/Away Mode, Sensor

I wanted to make sure I understood things before I turned on and armed the system.

For Home Mode if I set the door sensors on it and some one entered and left it would set off the alarm right? I work from home and I have kids going in and out the doors all the time. Would I still get notified by the wyze app the doors were open/closed even if I take the sensor out of Home Mode?

I have a couple dogs and they seem to be setting off the motion sensor alot. If I had the motion sensor enabled in home mode would it trigger a alarm from the dogs moving around?

My thoughts were to keep my window sensors on in Home Mode but remove the door sensors / motion sensors.

If a sensor is removed from monitor will I still get push notifications from the Wyze app when it is triggered?

Notifications from sensors is one thing, and the alarm itself is another. You could get notifications about the open doors without setting it to Home mode.

The way I look at it, Home mode would be for night time. Door sensors would trip the alarm if someone came in during the night, but you could move around inside the house without tripping the alarm. But Alarm mode, all sensors would be active, so if someone comes in, they’ll have the door sensors and the motion sensors to contend with.

As for the pets tripping the motion sensor. I believe I saw something about turning them upside down, and putting them at a lower level to help keep pets from tripping it. Although, I’d try changing the sensitivity first.

Appreciate the reply. I had a heck of a time trying to sensitivity. When I change it it says it will take effect within the next 2 but it never gets to low. I think I’ll try what you suggested on Home / Alarm mode.

Yeah, I’ve heard about issues with that too. I think I had to do it a couple of times before it finally changed.

Something to keep in mind…

You have the option of selecting which HMS sensor (door/window or motion) you want it to monitor in which mode (home or away.)

So for example, you can leave off the motion detectors from the list in home mode…so that while you are at home, the motion sensors will not trigger an alarm… only trigger alarm if one of your window/door sensor is opened.

And for away mode, you can add them to this mode list so that when you are away from your house, it will utilize your HMS motion sensors and trigger alarm if motion has been detected…

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Thanks. I thought I could do that but I wanted to double check with someone else my logic was right.